you do not need to let Ursula von der Leyen, to the chutzpah of the lack of the defense Minister. For weeks, you is due to all sorts of strange events around the appointment of external consultants in the review. Gritting his teeth as a perfectionist, known von der Leyen had to admit that she had lost control over the procurement practice in your house temporarily.

Von der Leyen seems to be but single-minded. According to SPIEGEL information, the Ministry has submitted to the budget Committee for new papers, with a further 343 million euros for external consultants and service provider approve. Ironically, on Wednesday, the same day a special meeting of the defence Committee, is scheduled to be the affair to be discussed is the Budget.

The money should flow through the budget of the state-owned BWI GmbH, which acts as the IT service provider of the Bundeswehr. According to the template you want to lift it of the Leyen, the BWI-the Budget for the coming years to 570 million euros, was proud 6,516 billion euros. As against this, the BWI organized almost the entire IT Department of the Bundeswehr, the contract runs until 2023.

a shake of the head in the coalition

Actually, the budget increase for the CPI would be no big deal. Since the Bundeswehr has actually massive needs in terms of digitisation, was approved by the Bundestag in the last years increases.

But that was before the consultants affair. For weeks, the Minister is due to questionable Awarding of consultant contracts and nepotism in the criticism. Against this Background, the German Federal court of auditors now also the BWI-template. At the end of November, the control criticized, that the “large scope” of the budget cuts, the possibilities of the armed forces “” to take control, and control of CPI activities. In addition, the defense Department do “increasingly dependent on subcontractors of BWI”.

Given the history of the planned procurement of new orders in this order of magnitude makes shake even in the ranks of the coalition groups for the head. At the end of the Ministry must not fear that the Committee approves the submission on Wednesday.

Since the BWI made in the past headlines. Auditors found out in the spring, the BWI was awarded million dollar Budgets for external consultant in a questionable manner. Similar to in the Ministry was cheated in Contracts, because we wanted to have certain consultant firms with in the boat.

at the Time, came out that had developed within the CPI a life of its own. Managing Director Ulrich Meister heading over to the Supervisory Board new fields of business for which the Covenant was intended to be its own company never. At the end he had to leave the company in the summer of 2018. The personnel is closely connected with the adviser affair, was a master come 2017 on the recommendation of Ex-state Secretary Katrin Suder to BWI.

PR to “self-representation”?

In the report, other notable operations, according to the BWI for a lot of money video portraits of leaders had to create. Further PR activities, came to the point cost total: 119.000 Euro. From the point of view of the court of auditors, the Videos were “more of the self-representation because of the provision of services”. Moreover, it is doubtful whether a company such as the BWI, the “works exclusively for the Contracting authority”, is in need of such PR.

In another case, the BWI of an external company had in the creation of Powerpoint presentations support, resulting in costs of more than 50,000 Euro. At the same company, the BWI was a “portfolio play” in order. At a meeting managers should experience “in a playful way,” the further development of the company””. For the game, there is a further 35,000 euros.

From the court of auditors, the Ministry said it was “in principle” to transactions that “fall within the range of the freedom to conduct a business”. In addition, there is a new measures, the “principles of efficiency and economy” to enforce. Also, the criticism of the new million for consultants of the Leyens house. A part of the services was temporary, therefore, Deal with External would be useful.

Committee of inquiry is more likely to be convinced

Whether this line of reasoning, the householder of the Bundestag, is uncertain. Exciting, it should also be at the special meeting of the defence Committee on Wednesday. On Tuesday it became known that the former state has a Secretary Katrin Suder, the invitation of the Committee.

Suder, who came from the consulting firm McKinsey to von der Leyen, is seen as a key figure in the affair, does not want to face the questions of the deputies. The Chairman informed that she wanted “to participate, in spite of false accusations and rushes to judgment” in the investigation, but only in writing. A in the Ministry installed a Confidant, also came from McKinsey, said his participation in “personal family reasons”.

With the cancellation, a Committee of inquiry is increasingly likely. “It is irritating that we will not be able to speak with Katrin Suder,” said the Green-householder Tobias Lindner. It was clear that its security should be, Lindner says, “if necessary, in a Committee of inquiry”. His FDP colleague Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said, the cancellation of Links make up a Committee of inquiry “inevitable”.

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