four years after the ill-treatment of refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia, the country of court Victories, the first three judgments against Employees of the former emergency Department facility in Burbach. In a separate procedure, a defendant due to unlawful deprivation of liberty and assault offences, was sentenced to a year in prison, on probation, as the court announced.

another defendant received a fine of 1200 Euro, the third defendant in the severed process, a fine of 900 euros, respectively, due to deprivation of freedom. Because of the ill-treatment to the Prosecutor’s office has indicted a total of 35 Suspects, including employees of the property management, social care and guard service, as well as two employees of the district government of Arnsberg.

crimes were. in problem rooms

committed Against 26 of these defendants in the land court Victories since the 8 In November, the nine other accused will have to answer soon in addition, separate proceedings.

The ill-treatment of the accommodation in Burbach were in September 2014, through cell phone photos and a Video, which triggered nationwide horror: The Video showed security guards, which should have forced a refugee to lay on with his vomit stained mattress. On the phone photos a security guard with the foot in the neck of a on the ground fixed home resident’s posing.

The offenses were committed in rooms according to the indictment in the so-called Problem, which had been set up since December 2013, in the Burbacher emergency room facility. In these spaces, the refugees were locked up, therefore, the part for several days illegally because they were allegedly in breach of the rules of the house.


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