player of the first half of the season: Eleven hits, eight assists, best Scorer of the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund in four matches for the victory, shot a game of the top match against Borussia Mönchengladbach was – it was probably no coincidence that all the TV showed the cameras after the final whistle of the match Marco Reus in the cheers. The offensive star of Borussia Dortmund, has played a great first half of the season and is currently probably the best professional in the League.

result : thanks to Reus BVB defeated Gladbach 2:1 (1:1) and goes well with 42 points in the winter break. It is the second-best Hinserie the history of the club, only in the 2010/2011 season, the BVB was better (43 points).

the defenders : flood light, sold-out stadium, in the table, the first against the Second – best conditions for the first half of the season finale. missing Almost, because the two coaches had to forgo several defenders and so Julian Weigl and Ömer Toprak at BVB, as well as Tobias Strobl and Louis Beyer formed defenses in the VfL on the Inside.

the beginning of the first half : The defense was worried about the space at first not noticeable. Both teams were security conscious and rarely went into the Tempo, especially to avoid any risk of quick counter-attacks. The consequence: the offensive of the strongest clubs in the Bundesliga (Dortmund: 42 goals before the 17. Round; Gladbach: 35 goals) came in the first half of the long-only to a truly dangerous Chance, and awarded the honoree of the BVB in the 20. Minute.

Julian Weigl in an unusual Position as an interior defender

The jubilee, part 1: Reus, the 250 is Meant to be. Game in the Bundesliga, denied. That should happen against his former club Gladbach, of course, is a nice coincidence. Even more beautiful but for Reus: He was the 250cc mark on the 17. Round crack, because he has been in all 17 Bundesliga matches. What he did in the past so often and severely injured Reus last in the season 2013/2014. The importance of a healthy, Reus may be, was also against Gladbach.

Three-minutes-Drama : In the 42. Minute was Gladbach’s defence, but still in the focus, as Beyer the Ball under pressure from Reus to Raphael Guerreiro lost. The BVB captain, Reus went on to Mario Götze who opened the scoring by Jadon Sancho prepared changed. The Briton met with a precise low shot from a tight angle, earlier, had dribbling Sancho to Oscar Wendt in the past. Almost with the stroke of half-time, Christoph Kramer equalised – a controversial hit.

handheld game or not? of The Gladbach had beheaded the Ball after the adoption. An unfortunate contact, which changes the trajectory of the ball, Kramer a advantage gained, and at the end of the 1:1 led. ZDF TV expert Oliver Kahn said at halftime: “I know what is the hand game.” Michael Zorc admitted after the final whistle: “I’m going to understand the rule, never more.” Clearly Matthias Sammer said in Eurosport: “If this is not a Hand, then the madness is. This gives him a clear advantage. That’s not possible. Thus, the rule makes no sense.” Large uncertainty in the Bundesliga.

The jubilee, part 2 : Dortmund invested in the second half and the non-registered marks played Gladbach Defensive under increasing pressure. As in the 54. Minute, as Gotze on Strobl zudribbelte him the Ball through the legs played and the 2:1 hung up. Scorer: Reus. The 29-Year-old had to push the Ball after a perfect pass from Götze just over the line. It almost would have worked even more with another goal, but a free-kick from Reus clapped on the outside of the post (65.)

Second match-winner : the start of the season remained for Götze only a reservist role, his first Bundesliga appearance under Lucien Favre, he only got to the seventh round. In the meantime, he will be used more and more often, and against Gladbach, he was in the early coming off the bench for the struggling Pablo Alcácer equal to one of the most Striking, the reward were his Torbeteiligungen three and four this season. In addition, Götze prepared for the first time in 2013, two goals in a League game.

conclusion of the game : The second place from Borussia Mönchengladbach is a snapshot in time. The fluctuations in performance between home- (all eight games) and away games (just two wins from nine matches) are too large, so as to be available at the end of the season among the top teams.

Dortmund, by contrast, has given the victory up with an impressive answer – on the first season defeat against Düsseldorf, a number of injured defensive players, on tired legs. With at least six points ahead of second place BVB will go into the winter break, but whether or not this Team will also champion? “As far as I would go,” said Götze after the final whistle.

Borussia Dortmund – Borussia Mönchengladbach 2:1 (1:1)
1:0 Sancho (42.)
1:1 Kramer (45.+1)
2:1 Reus (54.)
BVB: Bürki – Piszczek, Weigl, Toprak, Hakimi – Delaney, Witsel – Sancho (90.+2 Wolf), Reus, Guerreiro (90.+3 Bruun Larsen) – Alcácer (34. Götze).
video: summer Johnson, Beyer, Strobl, Wendt – Neuhaus (82. Cuisance), Kramer (68. Hofmann), Zakaria – Herrmann (73. Traoré), Plea, Hazard.
referee: Zwayer
Yellow cards: – / Cuisance
audience: 81.000

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