On the pitch, Marco Reus had to take a break, missed with knee complaints, the game’s travel of the national team. Lucky – you might think, given the two weak countries in the DFB games-selection in the Netherlands (0:3) and in France (1:2). Especially because of the 29-Year-old Borussia Dortmund is time to point the game to the table tail light VfB Stuttgart on Saturday (15.30 clock/Sky).

Really lucky the attacker is experiencing currently, but off the court. Reus looks forward to together with friend Scarlett Gartmann father for the first time pleasures. “Today, we want to be a wonderful message to share with all of you: Scarlett and I are full of anticipation for a little Princess! We are overjoyed and no words can describe this incredibly beautiful feeling,” he wrote on Instagram. In February, the offspring should come to the world.

Under his Post graduate Schürrle in the shortest time of thousands of Followers, including current and former associates such as Mario Götze or André. Even Kevin grosskreutz was one of the first well-wishers. He and Reus not only played together at BVB, but they were also years earlier on a Red-and-White codes in a Team. But, while many are limited to Emojis or “congratulations”, took out the 30-Year-old a pithy, probably with quite a lot of irony-fed spell.

“congratulations Bro,” wrote grosskreutz, meanwhile Kicks for Uerdingen in the third division, and added garnish of the heart: “Finally, the gun has to work.” No way that’s a nod to Reus‘ marksmanship in the stages of Budnesliga. The national players, it is his old buddy with a security check.

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