Shown above is a no hydraulic & clutch seven-gear automatic transmission developed by South Korean start-up Bygen. Photo courtesy of Bygen

Korean start-up develops 7-gear auto transmission

South Korean start-up Bygen announced on Oct. 6 that it had developed a no hydraulic & clutch seven-gear auto transmission (NH7AT) for the first time in the world.

Bygen has already inked $25 million export deals with three Indonesian companies, under which the start-up would provide 50,000 units of the products over the next three years.

“The NH7AT is the industry’s first compact seven-gears auto transmission for electric motorcycles or vehicles,” Bygen CEO Kim Bok-seong told a press conference in southern Seoul.

“We struggle to meet the demand as more and more companies want to use our products.”

Bygen noted that its new product could increase the efficiency of electric motorcycles by more than 50 percent without having to adopt cooling systems because overheating does not happen.

It also said that its product would enable manufacturers to halve their cost of core powertrain, including PCU, motor, and transmission.

Bygen plans to focus on the Indonesian market for the time being before tapping into other Asian countries, including South Korea.

The company is also scheduled to disclose an electric motorcycle midway through next month in time with the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

“An electric motorcycle with a 3kW motor can move around 60 kilometers and 70 kilometers. But the Bygen product helps jack up the distance to some 100 kilometers,” Prof. Kim Pil-soo at Daelim University said. He works as an advisor of Bygen.

“The NH7AT is expected to be a game changer because it substantially increases the traveling distance, while cutting down on costs.”