On Tuesday morning, there was a technical fault, as the Note at the request of "mirror" reported. It’s supposed to be a cable damage. As a result, the preparation of hot food is only possible to a limited extent. Danger to the guests or Crew on Board had not passed.

There was not, however, had broken down of two power generators, secured the continuation of the journey. Therefore, the approximately 1,000 passengers stranded on the Cape Verde Islands. First of all, the mood on Board had not been as bad as a traveller "mirror" explained. The Crew have washed down clearly trying, and even dishes by Hand or the guests to eat.

mood threatens to tip

But now threaten to break the mood. The passenger a "communication&quot lacked;. He had the feeling that the guests would be deprived of information.

The crew of the ship have requested support from Germany. Technicians to repair the ship. "'AidaAura' will continue its travel in the direction of Brazil, when all systems have been checked for their perfect condition", – quotes the Portal of a message. With a little luck, a ride on the weekend could be possible.

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