one Of them is grumpy and coarse, the other is jovial and nerdy. The political veteran, the other is still learning. The breeds of cattle, the other has a Tesla in front of his million Villa.

Jerry Brown, the outgoing and longest-serving – Governor of California, and his designated successor, Gavin Newsom, however, United, all differences between the two of US-Democrats, in Spite of, above all: California’s battle against Donald Trump.

On Monday, Brown, 80, has ended his long career and the most populous U.S. state on the 29-year-younger Newsom assigned. He inherited the largest economy in the United States – but the hopes of millions of Trump’s opponents.

California, the good Alternative to Trump?

unlike the Brown of the President, although often criticized, this is the age and style but similar – is Newsom as the appointed “leader of the resistance:” He wants to make California “a positive Alternative to Trump” promises the former Deputy Governor won the election to brown’s successor in November, with almost 62 percent.

Brown (m.) 2015 with Barack Obama

The change of staff in the capital city of Sacramento, the former Goldgräberort to the foot of the Sierra Nevada, marked the turning of a kind of time, as other parts of the USA are experiencing, even with the wave of young Democrats in the U.S. Congress: A new, self-conscious Generation of Trump’s critics to make their voices heard.

With Brown ends, but not only, in this sense, an Era. The great-grandson of a German immigrant, grew up with politics. His father was already a Governor. Brown himself served twice, from 1975 to 1983 and since 2011. Before and in between, he was mayor of Oakland and California Interior and justice Ministers, in addition, he applied three times to the presidential candidacy of the Democrats. The Constitution, which provides for the nineties, only two terms in office, prohibits him now, a renewed term of office.

brown’s record is mixed. Eight years ago, California’s budget was 26 billion dollars in the red, now he shows off with a 14 billion Dollar Surplus. The economy is booming, the unemployment rate fell to 4.1 percent. Other projects increased, such as the first high-speed railway line in America.

Newsom, Trump and Brown during the forest fires, 2018

Much Brown reached through the cooperation with the Republicans. While California advanced over the years, more and more to the left, Brown wacker in the middle. The increasing partisanship and polarization among Trump, he is afraid of going to the United States of America “ungovernable”: “As we experienced the last, we had the civil war.”

“The world is watching us”

Nevertheless, he fought Trump. Alone, 2018 filed California 44 lawsuits against the government and adopted a number of laws to counter its policy: for example, in the case of climate change, environmental protection, immigration, and border protection.

Newsom, 51, wants to tighten the now and throwing out the etiquette on Board: He summons “a battle for America’s soul against a President who has not” called Trump a “pathetic disgrace” and hopes for a speedy impeachment: “The world is watching us.”


His progressive Agenda Trumps roadmap is opposed diametrically. More rights for minorities, more money for the poor, stricter gun control, health insurance for all – Ideals that Newsom from 2004 to 2011 as mayor of his home city of San Francisco pursued.

Like his role model Robert Kennedy Newsom is full of contradictions. He was as an Investor early on, to the millionaire who made his cancer, mother sick, illegal euthanasia, rose a year later to the mayor, made headlines with a very public divorce (his Ex-wife is now romantically involved with trump’s son, Donald Junior) and a public affair.

he became World famous, as he allowed the 2004 San Francisco same-sex marriage: The “Winter of Love” was the first step towards nationwide legalization.

Jerry Brown wants to withdraw, however, with his wife, Anne Gust Brown completely from politics – away from Sacramento, Washington and Donald Trump on his Ranch in Northern California, where his great-grandfather lived.

“This place reminds me of how the people lived in the past,” said Brown of the Los Angeles Times. “He gives me the feeling to be at the right time in the right place.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.