I do Not forget the reflection of Manuel Valls, to whom the separatists considered a traitor – at a recent dinner attended by constitutionalists concerned about the rise of the extreme right and nationalism wild, in the confusing and turbulent times of Trump, the Brexit or the procés. “We who are here -spoke Valls – we belong to the minority, something we have done wrong. The system achieved the state of well-being and Human Rights is moving backward to populism and nationalism”.

A populism egotistical, arrogant politicians, stars of the social networks, jesters of the posverdad supported by religious sects, constitute a revival that shelves the games of the system. Are roosters who believe that the day comes to hear them speak, daffodils you fall in love with his own image in the media, in an era of disinformation. The pioneer was Trump, qualified as a bully, a storyteller a liar and a scammer. But nobody forced the voters to us to choose to the millionaire pimp who said: “If you’re famous, you can take women for the pussy”. No one coerced the brazilian or gay men to make president at a paramilitary thug who talks like this: “you’re too ugly to be raped”, or: “If I see two fags kissing on the street, aporreo”. The people, the basque, the tangle, the mob as sobada by the new political ultras are devastating to the organized workers, citizens, democrats, who are also terrified by emigration, unemployment and wages piojosos. So to speak with the antipopulista Coriolanus, the stray dogs howl at the new tyrants. People feel unsafe, unprotected. The red of the belt is pointing to the barbarity a long time asleep, to the eruption of the global right wing.

The new despot that covers more than half of the South America is Jair ‘Messias’ Bolsonaro, a former captain, a paratrooper, a supporter of the dictatorship, the torture and the death penalty. According to himself: “This is a mission of God in Brazil”. Says the proverb, rio de janeiro: “Brazil is the land of the future and always will be.” And there is a saying in brazilian: “we Progress at night when the politicians sleep.” The fifth nation in the world, estupidizada for football, ravaged by corruption and military dictatorship, Eldorado gold, coffee, sugar, corn, rubber, cotton, tobacco; the Amazon with 900 varieties of palm trees, the river of two million cubic meters per second, a jungle, anacondas, monkeys and jaguars are in the hands of a Caligula with boots legionnaire (cáligas) than with the extravagance of it was crushing, you can burn down South America.

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