The Chairman of the Alliance 90/The Greens, Robert Habeck, has moved for a call-up to the coming of the Thuringian state Parliament election of mockery and malice. In the Video, the the Thuringian Green published on Twitter, he said: “We try to make everything in order that Thuringia is an open, free, liberal, democratic country, an ecological country.”

The Eastern province is to be free and democratic? The master answered at the end of the Bundestag Executive Director of the SPD Carsten Schneider, prompt: “In what prison I lived for the last years?”, he asked on Twitter. Also SPD Deputy chief Ralf Stegner ranting and raving: “A bit arrogant of this campaign style.” Others pointed to the current government coalition in Thuringia: formed by the left party, SPD and the Greens.

The Thuringian Green responded rapidly: The call disappeared, instead, it was said on Twitter: “We’ve taken Robert Habecks call from the network, because many have misunderstood him.” Habeck would not talk Thuringia bad, the country should be “just green and ecological”.

Also, this Post was again criticism: Several Twitter users complained that the Greens would seek to put the blame on the critics and accuse them of wrong Understanding. The Thuringian Green apologized in a new post with all the “Thuringian interior, and Thuringians, who were “talking down “to”.

It is not the first Time that Habeck is criticised, on Twitter: Prior to the state election in October in Bavaria, he was required to complete the CSU-alone rule, so you could say: “Finally there is democracy in Bavaria.” After criticism he had given, “lax”, it is stated: “The criticism of it, I suppose. This was in election fever. Sorry for that!” He had recorded the Video between the two rushed appointments quickly.


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