The Bundeswehr has to be little soldiers, and the squad is ageing, they need young talent. With controversial advertising, they tried for several years to inspire young people for a military career. Also in schools, the Bundeswehr increasingly recruits advertising. to find

Suitable applicants, proved to be a challenge. Since the abolition of compulsory military service, the Bundeswehr had to join in the fight for school-leavers in the free market; the transition is difficult, most recently, she has also invested heavily in advertising.

The campaign shows clearly the successes, there have never been so many underage recruits.

The Green the advertising campaign of the German armed forces, in a series about the special forces command (KSK) in the short message service WhatsApp, and with a fitness program, new soldiers are enlisted to criticize.

“On the Radar of the young people

It was “cynical, to young people with an Action series and a muscle program as a citizen in Uniform win,” said the defense spokesman of the Green, Tobias Lindner, the “picture on Sunday” come”.

The Ministry defended the campaign. The Bundeswehr must strive “to come on the Radar of young people”, a spokesman said the “BamS”. For target group-oriented advertising was “necessary”.

The KSK series, according to the Ministry currently has around 28,000 subscribers; the KSK-sports program, the Amazon voice assistant, Alexa fitness units can be accessed, has 2300 users.


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