The assembled Green-tip is on the city bridge in Frankfurt on the Oder, the bridge leads over the river to Slubice, a town on the Polish side. You hold signs by the Green like to do: “democracy”, “Europe” and “freedom”, in German and Polish.

“This year will be a decisive year for the European cohesion and the cohesion in our society,” says Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock Therefore, the year start kick-off retreat here in Frankfurt.

The city is a good choice for the exam, you can tell a lot about her. For example, about the problems of the Nineties in the then-new Federal länder, the population decline in the East – since the turn of Frankfurt has lost almost 30,000 inhabitants – and, of course, on right-wing extremism. But it is also about a Europe that has grown together.

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“Not over and not under”

The Greens want to achieve this year in the European elections is the best possible result. But above all, they want to cut off in the state elections in the East is neat, at least neat.

In Frankfurt, you have decided on a paper, it bears the title “Not over and not under,” a line from the children’s anthem by Bertolt Brecht. Goes like this: “And not above and not below other peoples, we want to be, from the lake to the Alps, Or up the Rhine.” A Heading such as Butter, a bit too thick applied.

It comes in the program to dealing with the East, with the legacy of the peaceful Revolution. You should take the Chance and listen to one another, understand one another, pay tribute to. The Greens want to talk, talk, talk.

you want a has always been polarizing, and now, apparently, the country.

For about a year, the party is in a sort of frenzy. The results of the survey are great, in Hesse and Bavaria has exceeded in the elections of their own expectations. However, the height of flight could come to an abrupt end when the Green land in the elections in East Germany under ten percent.

The party has in the East the difficulties, she was able to beat so far, no roots. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, it flew 2016, even from the state legislature. The national Director of the Michael Kellner sees several reasons to this: The party had to after the turn of a completely new build. In the progressive range in the East, a party was frowned upon after the experience with the SED membership. “That’s why from the start we had very few members,” says the waiter. Before a short time we had in Frankfurt (Or) less than ten members.

another reason: to stop The devastating environmental pollution is one of the concerns of the civil rights movement. After the reunification, but it had been in comparison to the Situation in the GDR fast visible improvements. One of the anchor points of the Green path, says a waiter. In addition, the West German Greens was, at the time, even in a crisis.

It is not so, that you have not tried in the East to arrive: The Greens’ in 1993 with Alliance 90, an Alliance of East German civil rights activist, teamed up and formed henceforth, ‘the Alliance’ 90/the Greens. However, the Ostverbände were soon marginalized. Werner Schulz, the most famous green activist of the time, said the “taz” newspaper in 2002: “The mesh is the old Party. One left, one right, the East.”

The party no longer wants to forget the East in the future. On the Europe-Congress in Leipzig, the state elections in East Germany were the dominant theme. In the paper, which was now decided, it is said, was founded together with Bündnis 90. “However, whether the East Germans votes found in the green Alliance party always sufficiently heard, may really be doubted. Therefore, the year 2019 is also, for us, the Alliance, green a Chance, our own failures to catch up on.” The paper, therefore, comes humbly. The East had been a laboratory for neo-liberal ideas in the 1990s.

An excerpt of the current receivables:

A case of hardship, the fighting Fund for the disadvantaged vocational and pension groups, and apply that to the example of the miners of brown coal processing; guarantee pension to old – age poverty to weaken; the creation of a debt Fund to allow investment in highly indebted local governments; democracy promotion act, in order to strengthen civil society actors, against right-wing extremism.

most of these claims are not new, but they are approved now by the Federal Executive. They show what the Greens in the election campaign to focus on.

voters migration of the left party and the SPD?

The party wants to win in the East in cities of medium size votes. So in such as Gera and Jena, Zwickau, and Frankfurt. You need these cities, hope to a voter migration from the Left and the SPD. Cut only in Dresden, Leipzig and Potsdam well, it will not be enough for more than ten percent of the country.

A special Problem of the Green to fight in this election: your top candidates are not really known. So the choice depend on findings from the national trend. In the past few months, the Green in the whole of the Republic of the good survey values of the Federal party have benefited.

But the mood is volatile. Because the voters feel less bound to the parties, error is faster than in the past on election results. Co-party leader Robert Habeck made in the past few days, such a mistake. A Video of him was deny widely used in to the it sounds as if he would – due to a slip of the tongue, as he says, Thuringia, to be a democratically governed state. This one error is not enough to the Green to be thrown back to ten percent. Nevertheless, you need to be careful.

another Problem is fighters are the low number of Choice. Although the Greens have gained in the past year nationwide, 10,000 members, and in the East the Numbers are on the rise. Nevertheless, people are missing to paste posters and on market places or to organize a so-called Townhall Events. The Green in the East are in need of help from the West.

what is Clear is that The new survey values votes the Greens full of hope. In Brandenburg and Thuringia, it was twelve per cent, in Saxony, at nine percent. A year ago such results seemed impossible.

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