crap, didn’t work out it again. The summer is almost over, and I still have no motorcycle driver’s license. Not that I would have to buy me like so many men my age to the second youth, a Harley and a leather cowl over the Route 66 drive.

But as a fun device for the Sunday morning before Breakfast to me would have fit quite well in the stuff. And because the selection of suitably purist and yet affordable cars is by now rather standard, I found the idea with the motorcycle so bad.

But for that you need a bit of time. And not just for the driver’s license, but also for Driving. Because it is still not a master, finally, is fallen from heaven, and it will probably take a couple of months, if not years, until you can move a motorcycle a reasonably sporty and still be safe and have fun, I imagine. This fall will probably be nothing more. But in the next year. As I think of it earlier. Definitely! Firmly promised.

at least, That was my mood. But then I Can asked-At the first exit with Ryker and my plans back a bit messed up. Can-Am, this is subsidiary brand of canadian conglomerate Bombardier, which specializes in Outdoor and recreational vehicles.

The Ryker is a tricycle, which has on the one hand, very much more from the motorcycle and on the other side just as much from the car that you can drive it with Car license.

The model is new, but the idea is there already a bit longer. Because ten years ago, the Canadians thought, as you can with your ski-doos, snowmobiles for the winter snowy landscapes in the Rocky Mountains, Alaska or Scandinavia in the summer to earn money.

The Can-Am Spyder.

to assert Therefore you have unscrewed the front of the skids and the back of the chain, instead, the wheels are mounted and so a new category of recreational vehicles invented, which is different than the Trikes with the two wheels in front and only one in the back

The first model was called the Can-Am Spyder, could not establish itself, however. Too big, too heavy, too luxurious, and the bottom line is also much too expensive, he was something like the Honda Goldwing for preventing motorcycle driver and was only bought by according to old men with fat bellies and bulging wallets. And as of 2015, the F3 came out, looked in the wild, but not much better.

could change with the Ryker in the third attempt, actually. Not only that, the price is almost halved and is now at 9799 Euro starts, so this tricycle is actually a fairly affordable toy. No, the Ryker looks so young, and wild, as Ducati would have built a motorcycle for Darth Vader – because it is a want-to, uh, upgrade.

The Ryker comparatively easy. First, because it is much smaller and lower than the Spyder. And secondly, because you can adjust both the Handlebars and the foot pegs with a hand grip without a tool.

A short briefing is sufficient

Therefore, it only takes two minutes, and it has found its appropriate Position. The butt is relatively far down the road, cowers in the saddle, has the engine in front of the lap and the Tank in front of the stomach and of the road opposite to the bends.

driving licence, driving lessons? Nonsense! A short briefing is sufficient. There, one learns how to press the start button, and is still remembered, times that you are with the Hand on the rotary handle of the Gas, the brake, but as in the car with the foot.

a Lot more you do not need to know that a few of the switches are self-explanatory, the transmission changes the gears automatically, and when it comes to the crunch, there are a kind of ESP, developed by Bosch for the Canadians. Really not much that can happen to a speech, I me at least.

So, helmet on, gloves on and off. The three-cylinder picks up from its 900 cubic centimeters, although only 77 HP and 76 Nm. But because of Ryker weighs only 280 pounds, is a power-to-weight like a sports car, and according to afloat shoots the tricycle. So fast, that burning tyres in the loud squeaks, and a thick, black signature in the Asphalt, before the electronics, aligning the Ryker straight again and the Ride can begin properly.

After a while you get into the Flow

The first curves, I’m still a bit wary of, and how quickly the Ryker at full throttle is that I have not tried until today. But with every mile, the Confidence grows, I’m going to loose and force the tricycle not more woods, only with force around the corner, but games using your body, and get in a Flow that reminds me a little bit to the Dance, or at least to the skiing.

On the Straight, I enjoy the wind that hurls me flying to the visor, and in the curves it is the centrifugal force, which plays with my stomach a ping-pong. Who wants to have so much fun and emotions in a car, you must drive either a very old classic car or a really fast sports car – and in both cases, significantly more money to spend.

The longer one goes on the Ryker, the faster you take the curves, and the more often you allow yourself a small Drift, the more it actually feels like a Biker, and enjoys a freedom when Driving, as you can experience on four wheels even in a convertible.

So maybe get a motorcycle license? As long as you are alone on a country road and through the curves, carves, seems a reasonable solution. However, at the latest, at the first red light catches up with the reality.

Because of the derogatory views from the other cars and the guys on the proper bikes says more than a thousand words. Boy, you decide! And do next year, finally, the right driver’s licence.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.