This was informed by the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety in Braunschweig, Germany, on Thursday.

It is the in several States product, marketed with the name “Petite Fleur herbs” (“Keiems bloempje met kruiden”) the date of minimum durability 08.11.2018 and the additional indication of “Lot 3603”, as a manufacturer Dischhof/Belgium has been specified.

In the worst case, kidney failure

threatening, According to the Schwabacher company in an investigation of the image Verotoxin found E. coli in the cheeses, which are regarded as potential Ehec.

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“From a consumption of the affected product is strictly not recommended”, the company said.

The Ehec can cause bloody diarrhoea and in severe cases lead to kidney failure, but there are also inconspicuous progressions. The severe course of a disease ends in about two percent of the cases fatal.

In the spring of 2011 had cost the largest German Ehec epidemic 53. In Germany, the disease occurs again and again, every year, about 1000 cases of Ehec are reported cases.


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