the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has been liberal, open-minded people around the world hope. Julie Taub can’t stand him. She has long worked for the "Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada", such as the canadian equivalent of the German BAMF (Federal office for Migration and refugees). "For us, the Selfie-king of the world&quot ruled; she says, and leans over. "The guy led us directly into the crisis."

"type", which is the head of government Trudeau. FOL

What Julie Taub writes: Since last year, people in an illegal way to cross the border from the USA especially to Ontario and Quebec. In Grand style, at least for canadian conditions. Of 50,000, there were 2017, the forecast for the current year is just over 20,000.

Canada’s Premier Trudeau is for some, a Hero to others a villain

"The government is refusing to send a Team to the limit, there is a temporary office set up and the people returned directly", complains Deaf. Instead, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police takes care of it, the national police force of Canada, with the characteristic red uniforms and brown Hats: "are nothing more than a glorified taxi service for the refugees to an office, where their application for asylum are not allowed to make, even though they meet the Definition of a refugee." 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

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Unusual mood in the liberal dream land. Just Ontario, Canada’s most populous province has chosen, in Doug Ford’s ultra-conservative new Prime Minister. He goes to Trudeau frontal, accuses him to have illegal refugees quasi-invited. The provincial government immediately demands 200 million canadian dollars (about 134 million Euro) of Trudeau, otherwise, you will not want to take care of the new arrivals.

And yet, a party prevails in Canada, cross-consensus: immigration on a large scale is indispensable. Also politicians like Doug Ford, whose voters have much in common with those of Donald Trump, together, white. Nevertheless, he is not a canadian Version of the US President, believes Frank Graves.

Graves is the founder and Chef of one of the most important opinion research Institute in Canada. "Would be the Conservatives with Ford at the top of the Power, they would use the issue of immigration as a dog whistle for voters, as a toy, whenever it is a good idea, but they would not change the System fundamentally and walls erect", he says.

White Christians want their rule back

"What we are seeing now in the United States and partly in Canada, is a later attempt to establish a Nation of white Christians again", describes the Graves of the situation. "It is widespread the idea that white, Christian societies have lost control and now Strangers would be flooded."

The right reflexes do not work in Canada long as well as that of its southern neighbour, which also has to do with the barely existing story of the country. Canada broke only at the end of the 19th century. Century, for administrative purposes, of the UK, and since not even 100 years ago, completely sovereign. The country experienced neither liberation or civil wars, slavery, racial struggles, or our own colonial history. Rather, Canada threatened to be made between American and British interests crushed, and to fail as a state entity, before it could even get started properly.

The government’s response to the beginning of the 20th century. Century: they sent a representative, especially to Eastern Europe and was offensive to immigrants advertise. The young country needed new people. It worked, and since then, the Canadians know that immigration can solve many a Problem.

multi-cultural, there was nothing in Canada. So different, the starting positions between the two sides of the Atlantic may have been, in society and in the government, a similar racism in Europe-dominated. For many it was already a Problem, that there were among the new settlers from Europe, so many Catholics.

Hard turning in Canada, in the 1960s,

Until after the 2. War II, it was prohibited by Chinese law, emigrate to Canada, also other peoples have been consistently excluded. In the ‘ 60s, the end of the economy, it was anticipated boom. The government, under Pierre Trudeau, the father of the current Prime Minister, Justin, decided to change the country forever and go a different path than Europe. With a new points system in 1967 and selected people from all over the world were brought to Canada. From a white country to a multi-cultural has, since 1982, there is even a State clause that defines the feast.

Today, the Situation for immigrants is radically different: "The Chinese dominate very clear in Canada. In British Columbia, China is beginning for many Canadians. Then the Indians come. It is far from balanced," says Prof. Dr. Martin Geiger, a German migration researchers, is self-emigrated six years ago to Canada. Not everywhere openness is in the country of the world, of course: "Quebec has almost complete autonomy, which relates to immigration. French has priority. There is a discussion against public obfuscation or against certain preachers, white against black, which is very close to Europe."

The tag Canada managed almost 50 years ago, against huge resistance. What is partly felt today. "it takes a leader with a Vision who can look 20, 30 or 40 years," says Kehinde Olalere, as a lawyer, an expert on immigration and even the son of Nigerian immigrants. "Someone like Donald Trump always does what comes to him just politically located. Someone like Pierre Trudeau not dare to take courageous decisions, even if you help him immediately."

Soon a quarter of the people in Canada are not born there,

Canada has revolutionized itself, because it was necessary. The effects are now felt more than ever that half of the people in Canada’s largest city of Toronto are foreign-born. Across the country, the number is 22 percent, an estimate of the government for the year 2030 of more than 25 percent. "One of the reasons that we have less fear that a right-wing party in Canada comes to outdoor-to Power, is that immigrants choose, in most cases, the current government", is the theory of the book, author John Ibbitson.

at Least they choose within the traditional spectrum: "Every Prime Minister since Pierre Trudeau in the 1960s, won the most votes of the immigrants. A far-right party or a far-right politician who is going on hard against immigrants, and to advertise, to get Canada for Canadians, whatever the mean, perform poorly. This is so far, the hedge that protects us against radicalization."

a love of Freedom, humanity, selfishness and calculation together to keep Canada for the same Parts. And rights, white superiority fantasies out there.

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