The railway is currently notoriously late, and also fly in this summer not a reliable form of travel. There are Links within Europe, where the passengers happy can be when they reach eventually, the goal. Where delays and outages in the normal state.

On Top 1 of the Ranking, prepared by the aviation portal Air Help, is the route Mykonos – London-Gatwick. More than 75 percent of the flights of the favorite holiday island of the British in their homeland, were not on schedule, the company said. However, this high share is not the outlier among the Top 50 – the connection from Valencia, Spain to Düsseldorf on place 50 runs still to 56.6 percent wrong.

flights to and from Germany to occupy some of the front ranks: most passengers are affected regularly from Frankfurt to Pristina in Kosovo to travel (space-5/70% not according to Plan). Also with Anger,the lines of Rome to Cologne/Bonn (10/66, 5 percent), Catania, Sicily to Stuttgart (11/65,7%), Bologna and Berlin (14/64,9 percent), Milan to Hamburg (17/63, 3 percent), Munich to London-Luton (22/62%), Venice to Düsseldorf (44/57 percent), Frankfurt to Baku (48/56, 7 per cent) and Edinburgh to Hamburg (49/56, 6 percent).

passengers in or from the direction of the UK, however, are those that it hits hardest of all. 18 of the Top 50 flights take off or land at a British airport, predominantly in London. If, for example, from Mykonos (rank 1), Bucharest (4), Venice (6) or Basel (20) – patience should bring the passengers on these routes.

And something else the survey found: those Who fly on Tuesday, has the best chances of a timely arrival – 78 per cent of flights within Europe is a hold to this day of the week your Plan. At the worst it looks on Sunday, as only 71 per cent, are not affected by default or delay.

Air Help is an Internet portal, the one-rubs against a Commission, the claims for compensation of passengers for delays and cancellations. For the Ranking, the company evaluated, how often, and on which routes within Europe aircraft more than 15 minutes late, or the flight was quite. Data from public authorities, airlines, airports, airport radars, and radars, as well as the ADS-B Transponder and IATA-formatted movement messages to the aircraft for Connections between the 1. January to 9. October 2018 analyzed.


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