Lufthansa-Chef Carsten Spohr has suggested to check the open in the Berlin airport Tegel again. He reasoned that with the growing air traffic and to Doubt whether the capacity of the capital airport BER will be sufficient in Schönefeld, whose opening is planned for October 2020. The Tegel airport is to close, according to current plans, at the latest, a year and a half later.

“Our customers and many in the Public have come to expect from all Parties that we should evaluate the question of keeping open from Tegel with a view on the current development of air transport,” said Spohr at an event in Berlin. So far had very Spohr from the public, to focus the Berlin air traffic at a location in Schönefeld.

Spohr spoke at the event at the same time, of “unsustainable conditions” in Berlin-Tegel: “We will continue to not rest until this Situation is improved.” This was especially necessary because of the growth in air traffic will continue to go and not yet evaluated, whether and how the new BER and the surrounding infrastructure could accommodate this growth.

From the congested Berlin’s Tegel airport in the past year, so many people are traveling like never before. The city centre, close to the airport is supposed to close in 2012, but it needs to hold out longer, because the opening of the future capital airport BER in Schoenefeld, since 2011.


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