The car bomb attack in Londonderry is, according to the police, probably on the account of a splinter group of the militant underground organization, the IRA. The investigations were directed primarily against the so-called New IRA, said Deputy police chief Mark Hamilton. Two people had been arrested.

According to media reports, the police had received a telephone warning and just started the area seal off, when it came to the Explosion. The vehicle had just been stolen, reported the BBC. According to the authorities, was injured in the attack in the city centre, no one.

police Deputy Hamilton said he can see in the stop, no escalation. However, he falls into a Phase in which prior to a possible resumption of the Northern Ireland conflict, will be warned. The danger here is that, if it should be in the course of a Brexit a hard limit between the part of great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland.

3700 Dead in the conflict in Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland conflict for decades took died, more than 3700 people. The good Friday agreement ended in 1998 the conflict. However, it always comes back to conflicts between Catholics and Protestants.

Catholic nationalists aspire to a Union with Ireland, and Protestant unionists want to continue to belong to Britain. The “New IRA” has perpetrated in the past few years, attacks. It rejects the peace agreement.


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