The discounts, the Germany car companies offer for the conversion of older diesel vehicles, are unlikely to be effective. The MIRROR reported in its latest issue, citing new Figures from the German Federal Ministry of transport. After that have changed since the autumn of last year, only 27,000 diesel driver your car against a new vehicle. (Click here to read the whole story at SPIEGEL+.)

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it Goes at this rate, will miss the action of its target, the calculations of the resort. After that, would have to be exchanged until the summer of next year, 1.5 million diesel cars, so that the air in the cities is better and driving bans can be prevented. Last fall, Daimler, VW and BMW had offered different discounts in order to move customers in the driving ban affected cities for the purchase of new cars.

the exchange offers are not better as other discounts

the offerings of The various manufacturers differ greatly, however, the amount of the estate depends, in addition, often the value of the emitted Altwagens and the price of the new car. So there is, for example, in the case of VW up to 7000 Euro when buying a new car, with BMW up to 6000 Euro, but only for the owner of a BMW or Mini diesel model, the emission standards Euro 4 and 5.

discounts of a similar amount granted to the manufacturer, however, already before the present actions, they also price applicable to the respective list. As a result, other not come in new cars often, usual price buying discounts here. Even therefore, one was not surprised at BMW about the reluctance of the customers. “The discounts are high, but they are not the same as the loss of value, the customers have suffered due to the diesel crisis”, confirmed a Manager behind closed doors.

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