In the Olympic Games, there is usually a Competition that remains in people even after years stick in the memory. Usually, there are athletes that has been previously in Public not so perceived and, all of a sudden the Stars whose Name everyone knows: The ring-the bridge of Pasquale Passarelli, 1984 in Los Angeles was an event, or the weight lifter of hearts, Matthias Steiner, at the Games of Beijing 2008.

the summer games in Rio two years ago, had such an eye-opening experience: It took place in the Sand of Brazil, it is the hour of the Golden Girls, the Olympic victory was in beach volleyball, Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst.

Laura Ludwig, Darling of all media, the extrovert, the Public more or less constantly in a good mood and sometimes turned up to the limit. And your counter-part, the quieter, concentrated Kira Walkenhorst. A duet, the work may be so good, because it consisted of two different personalities, different in appearance, on the beach volleyball field, however, a perfect combination.

The back, the hips, the Ribs

there will be no more. Walkenhorst, four years younger than her partner, has surrendered. Prior to the pain, to do you for years in the back, the hips, the Ribs. Volleyball is also still in the Sand, from the cushion at each turn, a new in height, is a highly strenuous Sport for the joints, the muscles. Some of the body is made to be permanent. The Kira Walkenhorst was not one of them.

you’ve pushed “the warning signs of the body in the last few years, maybe too much in the Background,” said the 28-Year-old. Problems had victory even before the Olympics, Rio was once again a power that she demanded. After all the stress from before is already more than ten years of Volleyball at a high, partially the highest level. Beach volleyball players hasten from tournament to tournament, from Saint Petersburg to Antalya, from Yokohama to the Timmendorfer beach. This goes on for almost the whole year.


Niclas Hildebrand, the Director of sports Beach on the German volleyball Association, talks of a “battered body”, which is a very big word, but Walkenhorst has his permission. She tried it again, it seemed to Rio also still continue with the Successes: in 2017, Ludwig and walkenhorst world champion were, once again, you have been selected as athletes of the year, as the next destination seemed to be only logical, in pain or not: the Olympic title defence in 2020 in Tokyo.

The stage is now two

now Laura Ludwig with a new team mate to tackle on your side. Margaret Kozuch is how Ludwig 32 years old, a similar type as Ludwig, the General public, the sports information service called a “PR professional”. Kozuch is highly experienced in the hall, was five times in a row volley women’s player of the year in Germany. It is likely to be the most Exciting, as you and Louis interact with each other, whether and how they harmonize. The stage is no longer part of now two players, Ludwig alone.

The looked brings again to the front: “Maggie is everything you need. She is incredibly athletic, has an insane ball control and is a real Fighter,” Ludwig cited in a communication from your management. In April in China, the two want to occur for the first time in a tournament together, in June, the home world Championships in Hamburg, then waits.

Kira Walkenhorst will be there and a year later, in Tokyo, a spectator, your with titles-strewn career without great Glamour unspectacular. Very much recovery should not be yet given. Your wife gave birth in October to the birth of triplets. This is exhausting.

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