“My life is over, I don’t give a shit”, throwing Louis C. K. at some point in his approximately 50-minute-long Stand-up program to the audience of the Governor’s Comedy Club. The restaurant in New York served in the week before Christmas as a rehearsal stage for the second comeback attempt of 51-year-old American comedian, 2017 by several women was accused of having masturbated in front of them. The career of C. K., bourgeois, Louis Székely, one of the most famous and successful TV and stage Comedians, seemed at the time, is terminated abruptly, a 15-minute appearance in New York at the Comedy Cellar last August, was rated by many as too early.

Then, as now, C. K. took in his Set, no reference to the #MeToo movement, which brought him to the case, nor to the specific allegations against him. Already in November 2017, the comedian in a Statement, had in a spirit of repentance shown because of his abuse of power, and announced for a long time to withdraw, to “listen”, as he wrote at the time. Similar to his actor colleague, Kevin Spacey, reported to the new year with a bizarre Video from the silence after the abuse allegations back, it seems C. K. to consider the Bußfrist after a little over a year.

if and when it may be for actors and Comedians such as Spacey or C. K. is a career #MeToo-allegations, is a long time to discuss. While one or the other must answer may still be before the court, has found the company nor any rehabilitation rules for the Sex Offender of the #MeToo Era. It is a socio – cultural process that is just beginning-and failed comeback attempts, like Louis C. K. and Kevin Spacey not be transported, but rather is torpedoed.

obscenity like so

always be as different as the appearances of the two men, both of you are one thing above all: self-righteous, embittered and not a little weird.

the Latter relates to a comedian like C. K., even more than a character mimes as Spacey, just because the Comedian has the tools and the license to rip on all the jokes – especially about yourself. 49 long minutes C. K. on 16. December at the Governor’s Comedy Club had time to engage in a social discourse, perhaps even new ways of the society with the Seriousness and Gravitas of #MeToo-accusations and all the far-reaching, contained implications about the power structure and gender relations.

the taboo-breaking, courageous and radical in the sense it would have been so, perhaps, would have C. K. the topic of #MeToo movement, if not his own role in it to the base of a new, enlightened, motivated program. To lose, he has, according to its own, self-compassionate statement – see above – nothing more. And who knows, maybe the one or other good Gag would even come out of it.

in fact, C. K., defendant initially lengthy about his “shit year” and how bad it was gone the last few months and calculated how much money is due to the cancellation of his Shows and Engagements through the cloth.

But to remain in place then the really interesting and controversial topic and to parody the own victim pose, cracking he prefers jokes about the affected Teenager and a victim of the high school massacre of Parkland. He insulted non-binary people and their desire to be politically correct has to be addressed and joked about Auschwitz and “jewish faggots”. And at the end nothing more all seemed to be captured, he rummaged the very poorly aging Gag on Black and large cocks from the Racism mothballs. In the end, it went to pranks with anal sex and lipstick. Obscenity is always.

recommendation as a Trump-inflamer

Should have been to have had C. K., previously a rather the Democrats are inclined to be more Liberal, in the sense, with a new Comedy Persona as a house comedian for Right-Wing meetings, or to recommend as an opening act for Trump rallies, like such a reactionary old-Geezer-program wise. It is a program for aging, socially privileged men, who do not understand, why the youth likes to get stoned, or with mushrooms zudröhnt, but instead, in front of the US Congress for weapons control laws is demonstrated. Don’t understand why so many people are of anything “offended”, what was talking about earlier, was in the good old days, normal use. “Faggot,” for example, or “retarded” as a term for the mentally disabled.

The outrage in the face of a private person from the audience on YouTube has posted the audio recording of C. K.’s appearance had not long to wait, especially members of the Parkland-the victims were too upset right.

About an increasingly conservative (and a sense of humour poor) spirit of the times, which is not prescribed as in the days of Lenny Bruce or Richard Pryor, by the government as a moral decency dogma and guarded, but via Tribunal media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is directly ventilated from the working population, can make good Comedy with corrosive sharpness of funny, it is part of their social function. But it should be fun.

even more disconcerting, as C. K. himself is in this occurs to some extent: in the recording, unfortunately, listening, hysterical laughter of the audience loudly about his uninspired Gags.

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