because Of the wrong quotes in the cross fire of the criticism troubled Austrian author Robert Menasse received on Friday evening, the Carl Zuckmayer medal. At the award ceremony of the literary prize of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate in the state theatre Mainz Minister-President Malu Dreyer (SPD), praised the overall work of the writer. They described him as a “master of language”.

Menasse was in the past few weeks is massively in the criticism, because he had apparently invented in Interviews, quotes of the deceased politician Walter hallstein, to advertise for more Europe. Also in his in Brussels-playing novel, “The capital,” he stands up vehemently for the European idea.

The Rhineland-Palatinate state government had checked to see if you can decided to give Menasse nevertheless, as the Carl-Zuckmayer planned medal and ultimately.The Minister-President Malu Dreyer to handle the criticism of Menasse then at the award ceremony. “For the Success of a democratic debate, it is essential to separate the certainties from assumptions and facts from opinions,” she said. No easier way, it was “indeed up to this evening”.

Background Invented quotes that is the case, Robert Menasse

Menasse had been confirmed at the time of his arrival in the Guesthouse of the provincial government at noon, in the future, with carefully on the separation of literature and political debate.

In his speech of thanks Menasse described a dream in which he asks Carl Zuckmayer: “What should I say poor bastard in Mainz?” In addition, he had found himself in Zuckmeyers dossier collection “secret report”: “Luftikus is due to incorrect quoting is difficult in criticism.” He must be the nose: “He’s not even in the sense. But when he quotes, then he must quote literally – by analogy alone is not a quote.”


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