Claas Relotius has not only invented large parts of his texts, but may also donate funds misappropriated. As readers of the MIRROR informed, has Relotius of his private E-mail account readers donations to be sent calls to help orphan children in Turkey. The money should be transferred to his private account.

reported How many of the donors on the call how much money does finally met and what happened with this money, is not yet clear. Of Relotius’ fundraiser of the editorial was not known, otherwise there is no indication that readers have turned to the MIRROR. The MIRROR will provide you with all the information collected, the Prosecutor’s office in the framework of a criminal complaint.

The case Relotius opinion of the editor-in-chief met with New Details about the discovery of the affair, The answers to the important questions, such As Juan Moreno was able to uncover the fraud, such As the MIRROR backup system to the limits Interview with the last Survivor of the “White Rose” affected residents of Fergus Falls comment to the fakes A reconstruction in their own right, such As the MIRROR on the fakes reactions from readers and journalists

responded that The donations were transferred on the occasion of the story “Royal children”, the output 28/2016 (9. July) appeared in the MIRROR, and of a Syrian siblings were living as orphans in Turkey on the road. Meanwhile, the accuracy of the text is in doubt. The MIRROR is based on statements of the Turkish Magnum photographer Emin Özmen, the Relotius accompanied in the Research to this Text from time to time and one of the children named Ahmed photographed.

according to Him, Relotius had forged the biography of the young and heavily dramatized. So Ahmed wouldn’t have, as indicated in the Relotius-Text, his mother is buried. These still live and work in a furniture shop in Gaziantep. The Relotius described sister Alin, which should work as a black worker in a textile factory, does not know Özmen, Ahmed got is true, no sister on the description. Perhaps the Person the sister is invented completely. This is currently being examined by the MIRROR.

verbose Text to donate a case of Claas Relotius case, Claas Relotius So the Reporter has collected, apparently, private a

donations to The output of its fundraising campaign Relotius self-beating in a recently published Reporter-collective band called “waves”. In it, he reported that he can bring in a painstaking, months-long work for the children to have a family of Doctors in lower Saxony, which have both adopted. This is apparently also a work of fiction. Relotius is currently for current opinions is not reachable.

education and transparency are at the forefront. The Relotius written article to stay, therefore, up to a extensive clarification of the allegations the same, but with a note provided in the archive, which is available online to facilitate Research. We ask for instructions to

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