dear readers,

the case Relotius promoted to the LEVEL in the past few days, evidence, which would have kept neither we nor you for possible. Claas Relotius has proved to be a genius of fraudsters out, the precipices are of day-to-day as deep. He has to his stories even concern and willingness to help his readers exploited and, apparently, donations, are most likely never arrived to the people for whom they were intended. Because there were not the protagonists in his stories, time there was, almost always, their biographies were and fates cope timbered.

We must recognise as the creators of the MIRROR, that we have failed to a considerable extent. Relotius managed to bypass all the usual security mechanisms and to override.

For a signals and hints that can make us have to wonder, were never at one point are bundled. So Relotius has asked the Translator of several of his stories, to translate them into English for the international offer. Another Time, the dial-makers of MIRRORS+, our pay offer should not use an article.

Again, at another point, he asked the photo to colleagues, to put a specific photo on the Website. He always had very plausible arguments for his suggestion. And our house is big, in the editorial offices of SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL ONLINE and in the documentation of approximately 600 colleagues are working together as managers with wars, of course.

The case Relotius opinion of the editor-in-chief met with New Details about the discovery of the affair, The answers to the important questions, such As Juan Moreno was able to uncover the fraud, such As the MIRROR backup system to the limits Interview with the last Survivor of the “White Rose” affected residents of Fergus Falls comment to the fakes A reconstruction in their own right, such As the MIRROR on the fakes reactions from readers and journalists

But, and we must admit, in the review already: We have a Claas Relotius too much soap. In dealing with the colleagues, we were internally so naive as we would accept in research never. We are rather known, that we believe in a doubt nothing of what you told us. Relotius we have come to believe pretty much anything.

De facto, we must assume that all Relotius stories are fakes, as written in the other media, for which he. Even if parts of his stories are true, they are peppered with Imagined. Since it doesn’t help much to know, which one is perhaps. The stories are as a journalistic product is worthless.

Me as the new editor-in-chief is important to connect our apology to you with the promise of consistent information and the right steps towards a realignment.

A brand with the authority of the MIRROR, such a failure must not happen, this is cringe-inducing to and for that we can be ashamed of us, no matter how awesome the Relotius like to have everything threaded.

It also helps to go with every scrap of new Knowledge acquisition now to the Public. We will analyse the case of Throughout the document, as it should be. In January, a reconnaissance Commission takes up its work. You should find out how such a Disaster at a MIRROR that could happen and how it can be prevent future. This work-up is not need time, it goes in a few days or weeks.

the findings of the Commission, we will pull in between stages and after the conclusion of the report, just the necessary consequences. Who is to bear responsibility, will bear.

the advantage of The case Relotius is: The process is so insane, so audacious, and so absurd, that a jump to the misconduct, in retrospect, almost in the face. This should facilitate the elucidation of. Another advantage is: There were such cases (where the not so insane were) also in the case of other well-known media houses in the “New York Times” about. The have drawn wise conclusions that we can draw upon us to – and.

you will Remain faithful to us – even if you currently fall may be hard.

Warm regards and a merry Christmas

Steffen Klusmann

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