In the case of the sexual abuse of children at a campsite in North Rhine-Westphalia, the office of the public Prosecutor Detmold determined against several employees of the youth welfare offices of the circle lip and the district of Hameln-Pyrmont in lower Saxony. “We will check, whether the authorities have made a mistake,” of the Detmold chief Prosecutor Ralf Vetter said. It is a possible violation of welfare or education compulsory according to Paragraph 171 of the criminal code.

Over a period of ten years, two men to at least 23 child sexual abuse and child pornographic have made. A third man acted according to investigators information as a Client. It is a matter of more than a thousand single deeds. The Suspects – a 56-Year-old from Lügde, a 33-Year-old stone home in Höxter and a 48-Year-old from Stade in lower Saxony – were in custody.

in 2016, the 56-Year-old investigators, according to the foster father of a little girl. Their mother had already spent in 2015, a lot of time on the campsite and the child then in the custody of the man. The girl should also belong to the Victims.

by the end of 2016, a child had been displayed in the child welfare endangerment. “This display was related to the suspicion of neglect of a child, not a potential abuse,” said a spokeswoman for the circle lip. The youth welfare office had reviewed “immediately,” the Situation on the ground.

“revealed in The evaluation of employees: The child has not lived in any of the squalid environment, so that child protective services took the child into custody.” , The authority have, however, recommended not to change the accommodation and domestic Situation in the long term.


This evaluation and the reference to a latent child welfare risk was Hameln to the competent youth welfare office, in the district of Pyrmont have been forwarded with the request to check the placement of the girl. The mother lives according to the authorities in Hameln-Pyrmont. By a decision of the local youth welfare office, the child had lived in the 56-Year-old. They should be related.

the end of 2018, then the youth welfare office of a criminal learned of a complaint for child abuse against the 56-Year-old. The foster child had been taken “on the same day in custody,” said the district spokeswoman.


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