In the case of Frank Magnitz the enlightenment. After the AfD-politician had been attacked at the beginning of the week and severely injured, contrary to statements of the party speak, however, to the circumstances of the offence the previous findings of the investigators. These are mainly based on a video recording of the incident. The authorities intend to publish this now for a mug. Also, the AfD is for.

party leader Jörg Meuthen has spoken of the need to make the recordings public. This step could deprive “any speculation in the basis”, said Meuthen of the newspaper “The world”. According to prosecutors, the video recordings have refuted that Magnitz was hit with a two-by-four. The party remained in this presentation.

Jörg Meuthen

previously announced by the investigators, to provide for a public search of video material on the Internet. Together with the public Prosecutor, order the publication of the photographs was being prepared, police said on Thursday. The necessary arrangement for it had been adopted on the same day the district court of Bremen. There are still some technical Details that needed to be clarified, it said. It is unclear which parts of the Tatgeschehens will be seen on the recordings.

office of the public Prosecutor contrary to the AfD remains in your Version

His call was not an expression of distrust against the police, explained Meuthen, according to the “world”. In the room there is a contrary but. “According to what Mr Magnitz says, one of the construction workers made the statement that he had been beaten with a two-by-four,” said AfD chief. “The police says: We have not seen such a shock the subject.” The square timber was first mentioned, according to the AfD of craftsmen, the Magnitz found, and the police logged the alarm.

according to The police, the AfD country party leader and member of Parliament Magnitz on Monday evening in Bremen, had been jumped from behind by a man. Prosecutors and police determined because of dangerous bodily injury. While check writing is also an alleged Confessor, in which it is, Magnitz had been attacked by the group “anti-fascist spring of Bremen”.

one of the construction workers could have spoken to Magnitz in fact, of a squared timber, not from the Prosecutor’s office. However, the craftsmen had stood with his back to the scene of the crime. “You have not seen the deed,” said the spokesman for the authority, Frank Passade. He noted the possibility in view that Magnitz as Damaged can take a look at the Video.


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