from what I saw here mostly: The caravan with the dirty white wall, the wooden crates, the old wardrobe under the open sky, the trampoline. Approximately 150 square meters on a campsite, on a slight slope, surrounded by oak and birch in the district of Lippe. The Empire of Andreas V., 56 years old, unemployed, a foster daughter, a dog.

A messy plot. So come down, that the neighbors values according to the head of the plant. That Andreas a V. apparently, a lot of worse things have happened, the neighbors and the operators knew nothing.

Over a period of ten years, Andreas V. to need in his plot at the campsite, children are abused, and the abuse also filmed. The police arrested him in December 2018. 10. and 11. January, two more was followed by a 33: Year old stone home in Höxter and a 48-Year-old from Stade in lower Saxony.

caravans of Andreas V.

All three men are sitting in detention. Investigators from go of more than 1000 single actions, at least 23 children, aged 4 to 13 years of age has been abused, mostly girls. The 48-Year-old from the Stade was, according to investigators, the buyer of the child pornographic material. He is said to have incited the two men to further deeds.

most of The Assaults happened, apparently, since 2016, because since that time, Andreas V. had a foster daughter. Also today, eight-year-old he is said to have abused. And he is said to have made about the girl to other children, with trips to the swimming pool for example.

“He has created an atmosphere in which the children were first,” says detective chief superintendent, Achim Tietz. “There were rewards for certain things. All with the aim to commit those offences. This is hardly to put into words.”

The case shocked even experienced investigators. “In the evaluation of the provided evidence and the hearings of the children’s perfidious details of which were,” says Gunnar White, head of the investigation group “campsite”. They would him and the colleagues to “employ for a long time after end-of-service”.

look at Elbrinxen, a district of the town of Lügde

According to the rape cases in Staufen, which were almost exactly a year, now again in chasms in the German province. If the investigation confirms that the abuse perpetrators and the buyers of the Videos had in the Generic case, no personal contact. You should have about the Darknet replaced. And similar to the Staufen case, the role of the youth welfare offices needs to be reviewed as early as 2016, there was evidence to suggest that the derelict plot on the campsite might not be the right place of residence for a small foster child. The Prosecutor’s office determined against several employees of the authority.

Frank Schäfsmeier, 54, knows Andreas V. for a Long time. Him the campsite Eichwald. He saw how Andreas V. came with his parents, 30 years ago. As you purchased after a holiday on the square is a parcel of land, how they made it a permanent campsite that they used intensely. After the death of his mother, Andreas V. took over the plot. From there, it had become messy.

Frank Schäfsmeier

Andreas V. to be apart of this, but have been an inconspicuous type. “One of many”, says Schäfsmeier. A few years ago the girl had showed up. Andreas V. I’ve only watched the hour on the child, the mother, apparently a relative, had “a difficult life situation,” says Schäfsmeier.

in 2016, Andreas V. the child in care. “Now I’m the dad,” he had said, recalls Schäfsmeier. “Since I was a little surprised,” says the campsite operator. “He was just the most ordinary, his plot looked questionable.”

there were also concerns on the other side. By the end of 2016, a child was displayed at the youth office in the district of Lippe is at risk – the note should have come from the job centre, the Andreas V. supervised. According to the district administrator, the note referred to a possible neglect of the child, not on sexual abuse. The youth welfare office came to the conclusion that it is not of a squalid environment, the speech could be – and left the girl in the care of Andreas V.

You have recommended, to change the living situation to be permanent, says a press release from the district of Lippe. Because of the place of residence of the parent, the youth welfare office had been Hameln-Pyrmont responsible, that they were in regular contact. “The feedback from the authority, among other things, by the youth welfare office, Hameln-Pyrmont, insured an improvement of the life situation and provided there is no suspicion on sexual abuse”, – stated in the message. Thus, V. and the girls lived on the campsite.

Andreas V. have good care of the girl, I bought her school books, had cycled to the dance class with her or to the Playground, says Schäfsmeier. Never had been to the campsite rumors of abuse.

he sought contact to other children, but fell on the place. The seller of the last super-market in the district of Elbrinxen told, V. I once hung a note: pony rides for children he had been offered, his foster daughter had horses. He also addressed directly, the seller, in order to make your customers on the offer your attention.

“He has also built up pressure on the children”

That so long as no one noticed anything, was, according to investigators at the approach of the Suspect. “He has also built up pressure on the children,” says the Detmolder senior public Prosecutor Ralf Vetter. “He has threatened that something would happen if you reveal yourself.”

the end of 2018 noticed something. Investigators received information regarding the sexual abuse of a six-year-old, who was friends with the foster daughter of Andreas V.. The 56-Year-old was displayed. On the same day, in the middle of November, have you traded and the foster daughter of Andreas V. in care, he informed the youth welfare office.

Jacob Wendels* the daughter was the foster child of Andreas V. in the school. The children were friends. Andreas V. I offered to go with the girls to the pool or shopping in Bad Pyrmont. He had always offered to pay for everything. But since Wendel didn’t know the man well, he had rejected.

Nevertheless, had been his daughter in Andreas V. and the care of a child, to play. Since the revelations, he is worried. His wife, come to think of, to go to a family therapist to explain to the girl everything.

As the foster daughter of Andreas V. at the beginning of December in the school, he had written to Andreas V. a SMS. An answer he never got. Meanwhile, he also knows why.

*the Name has been changed

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