put employees in The cash-in-transit-your Strike on Thursday. On Wednesday participants, according to the Union Ver.di 3000 of Germany’s approximately 11,000 employees, the money and the value of the industry on a full-day walkout.

“That was a strong Signal to the employer, and finally a negotiation offer to submit,” said Ver.di-negotiator of Arno Peukes. Ver.di calls for the employment in the industry in which the cash supply of banks and shops, among other things, an increase in the hourly rate to 1.50 euros. and an approximation of the wages in the East German länder. According to the Union, the salaries for the money counters and cash-in-transit drivers are so far to the East at 1800 to 2400 Euro and to the West at 2200 to 2900 euros gross per month.

The fronts are hardened: After five unsuccessful rounds of collective bargaining will be continued negotiations on Thursday and Friday. The employer had already gone in the last round of Negotiations at their threshold of pain, said a spokeswoman of the Federal Association of German money and valuables services (BDGW).

There are more drivers of money to be transporters, money counter and preparer in the warning strike, resigned as the Union had expected, said Peukes the news Agency dpa. Trade Union data, around 3000 Workers were involved. A number of banks were, therefore, no fresh cash, the dealer could let the day’s receipts do not pick up.

According to banks and trade, the strike has so far, but there are rarely consequences for the supply and distribution of cash. Also, the credit institutions entwarnten to a large extent. So far there is no evidence for a greater impact, said the German banking industry, the merger of five German banking associations. It could, however, lead to localised restrictions in the supply of cash.

In the case of Commerzbank, it comes with a speaker according to a number of cases of cash shortages from the vending machines. In most of the 1000 Commerzbank branches, but everything went normal. At Deutsche Bank there is no impact on the cash supply, a spokeswoman said.

The BDGW is assumed that the consequences of the strike action will also hold on Thursday. It was only to be expected with smaller disruptions, said the spokeswoman.

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