if you are looking for seclusion and a ski holiday away from the mass tourism want to make, like to travel to Hohe Tauern is a municipality in the Murtal in the Austrian state of Styria. 420 people live there, there are Chalets and farms, in the West of the Big bad stone with 2448 metres, rises, in the East of Gamskögel with 2386 meters. It is a relatively small ski area.

Currently, the site is secluded, however, involuntarily: For days it snows, no one comes more and more into the place, no one can leave him. “Since Saturday night, 15 o’clock, we are cut off,” says Deputy mayor Gernot Now. “We currently have about 330 guests in the place, so that a total of about 750 people included,” he said on the phone. The Hohe Tauern have two Ortsausfahrten, both were closed due to avalanche danger. Every Morning at 9 am join a group of experts and a guess the avalanche danger. “Currently 4, so great danger of avalanches is Avalanche danger,” says Jetz.

The European scale ranges from level 1 (low risk) to level 5 (very high risk), most of the Avalanche accidents occur according to experts, in the levels 2 (moderate risk) and 3 (significant risk). For several regions of Austria Central Institute for meteorology and geodynamics (ZAMG) has declared on Tuesday evening for the second Time in four days, even the highest level of danger.

and More snow on the weekend

regions are Affected in the provinces of Styria and Salzburg. Level 4 applies in the Tyrol, lower Austria and upper Austria. The meteorologists expected up to the weekend, with snowfall of one and a half meters. In the mountains it could be even three meters. The risk of avalanches is expected to increase in the coming days.


“Neither with the car to walk to the Hohe Tauern or high Tauern out,” says Jetz. Also the helicopter could not fly due to poor visibility in the place. The village itself is not threatened by avalanches. “It is incredible, but sometimes only two, three minutes between sunshine and Gale-force winds,” says Jetz. You may be accustomed to a lot of snow, but this lot he had not experienced in his 52 years of life.

food and medication there is, as we Heard, but still not enough. The supply situation, says Now, is currently not a problem. The local grocery store was “half empty bought”, but: “We have four farmers who bake bread and provide us with eggs and milk provide.” The in-house dispensary of the local doctor to be filled. “The people stand together and help each other. Even the tourists call the municipality and ask for the shovels, so that you can help.”

Who is now still there, enduring

Kathrin leg main from the “Almdorf hohentauern”, the mood is good, also among the guests, although it is still unclear when you can leave. Unlike in Salzburg, where on Tuesday the tourists to their holiday destinations could leave, as it could be briefly not snowing and the roads cleared, await you in the Hohe Tauern since Saturday.

As of the Hohe Tauern, it is several municipalities in Austria. Over one hundred roads are blocked, several train services interrupted. So, too, St. Nicholas is cut off in the Styrian Sölktal from the outside world. This is the fire Department has brought on Monday, some of the tourists out of the place. Who is here now must endure. Children are forced out of school because the roads are blocked.

Also, the places are Obertauern and Weißbach bei Lofer, both in the province of Salzburg, is currently not accessible. Because of the avalanche danger and the threat of ending snow boards, many of the ski slopes are closed. In addition, experts at several places blasting, controlled Avalanches cause. Across the country, police and Federal army are used to help flights, the local avalanche commissions with supply and Exploration, if the weather permits. Also clearance work carried out would be milling, “with shovels and snow”, informs the Ministry of defence in Vienna. Experts warn to ignore, skiers and walkers, Locking and warnings. This is dangerous and also punishable by law.

A prediction on how long people have to wait, no one dares. The weather forecast still no end to the snowfall in the coming days. But still, says Hohentauerns Vice-mayor Now, was it “left”.

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