The issue of security has dominated the last CDU regional conference in front of the party Congress in December. The three candidates for the party presidency, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Jens Spahn, and Friedrich Merz presented on this and other topics, their concepts, in the hall of the hotel Estrel. Ex-Union President Merz said that the CDU must be the party of internal security. His competitor Jens Spahn called for more support for the armed forces, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer made the case for a consistent fight against organised crime.

It should be allowed at any point, “that all the Clans have mastered all the road trains,” said Merz, to the applause of the 2,000 participants who were able to submit their questions. “We must make it clear that the monopoly of violence is only to the state.” In addition, the soldiers of the German armed forces should be properly equipped.

Spahn, emphasized that there could be “no compromise on the rule of law and security” – “without if and but”. He described his perception of Germany in the year 2040, the “must defend our free way of life”. In relation to the Bundeswehr, the 38-year-old health Minister urged that there should be at least once in a year, a public soldiers-vow.

Good cooperation with Merkel

CDU General Secretary Kramp-Karrenbauer requested covert investigative opportunities and a stronger “grip” of the police. It flows of money from crimes such as human trafficking, Prostitution and drug-related crime would have to be dried. While it is nice that Berlin wants to introduce a public holiday for women, but most women would welcome more, if you could go safely through the streets, added Kramp-karrenbauer to applause.

in the event of his election to party leader, Merz insured, “of course,” will go to the cooperation with Angela Merkel as Chancellor “good”. In relation to the poor results in the last elections and the current survey results of the 63-year-old mad countries reiterated: “I want to stop this Trend, I want him to repent, and I’m sure it is.”

Kramp-Karrenbauer explained your idea of how the Christian Democrats, could find new strength, through new subjects, a new style and new answers. Substantive debates would have to be made “from the head to the feet,” topics should only be discussed in the party and decided, then in group and government are implemented.

order and structure

As an example, called the 56-year-old citizen of Saarland, the debate on compulsory service in the summer of that came from your Zuhörtour to the base. The CDU needed to trigger “burn”, “storms of enthusiasm for our own ideas”, then you could get 40 percent in an election.

Spahn also highlighted in the Union had been fighting in the past months, too much. It had to honest and open to be discussed so that “we should have started this earlier”. It decisions need to be made, “then we can gain a lot of lost confidence back”. He wanted to win the voters of the AfD, but the AfD itself, eliminating the need for said Spahn.

“you were great,”

At the conference, topics such as the solidarity contribution, the UN-migration Pact, pass, double, and the ban on advertising for abortion played a role. “Abortion is not a blind gut,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer and defended the ban on advertising. It is about “order and structure to values and we must maintain”.

“you were great,” cried the Chairman of the CDU Association in Berlin, Monika Grütters, in the end, while the audience rose clapping.

the new party Chairman next Friday will be Elected at a party conference in Hamburg. CDU leader Angela Merkel had announced to run after the age of 18 years for the presidency, as Chancellor, you want to stay until the end of the parliamentary term in office.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.