Jens Spahn has been generally behind the existing fundamental right to asylum and thus of its competitors to the party Chairman of the CDU, Friedrich Merz, delineated. “The fundamental right to asylum for politically Persecuted people’s wars against the Background of two world, of great suffering and displacement, a major achievement of our basic law,” wrote the Federal Minister of health on Twitter. It is important, however, that “in Order to gain acceptance for this important basic right, we must protect, first and foremost, our external border of the EU to be effective and our asylum procedures will speed it up.”

Merz had the individual right to asylum previously out of the question. Germany is the only country in the world to have such an individual right to asylum in the Constitution, he said on Wednesday evening in the third CDU regional conference for the presentation of the candidates for the successor to Angela Merkel as party leader. He had Long been of the opinion that openly talked about, should be whether this asylum basic rights “exist in this Form” if a European immigration and refugee policy is seriously wanted. “We have to at some point cause a big public debate about whether to write a legal Title to the basic law,” said Merz.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the third candidate for the CDU in the top, like Spahn against restrictions. The mothers and fathers of the basic law, would have chosen their formulations with Caution and also the views of the German history and the persecution of the Jews addressed, she told the Bild newspaper. She was open to talk about an improvement in the method and more consistent returns of rejected asylum seekers, warn, though, to screw easily done in the basic law.

the approval for Merz

the North Rhine-Westphalian Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), referred to the past of the Federal Republic of Germany, in the the fundamental right to asylum, and with good reason enshrined in the Constitution. Reul, to be referred to the scheme in the Germany radio of value, of a Change he don’t believe in. You could only think about it, to make the process more workable.

In the daily mirror, the Deputy SPD language-Chairman Ralf Stegner, the claims of Merz, this leave the “democratic consensus”: “We socialists are fighting for a common, humanitarian refugee policy in Europe.” Pro-asylum managing Director Günter Burkhardt warned the Union, “to incorporate slogans and distortions of the extreme Right, and thus the foundations of the rule of law in Europe and in Germany to undermine”.

consent of Merz was awarded by the Saxony-Anhalt interior Minister and CDU land chief Holger Stahlknecht, as well as from the CSU: The members of the European Parliament Markus Ferber said in the rbb, Merz-questioning “of the fundamental right to asylum, but the basic right to asylum”. It was, indeed, a peculiarity that in Germany, asylum-seekers may applicants from so-called safe third States are not rejected a flat rate, but each case is individually examined. “If we come to a European solution, it would mean, for example, that in the case of a third country regulation, no individual examination can take place,” said Ferber. Germany is “at the moment, with the impediment to European solutions, as a result of this individual’s rights protection”.

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