the President of The Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, has been behind Friedrich Merz, who stood next to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Jens Spahn for the CDU presidency. “There are three very good candidates. But I have a solid opinion: It would be Best for the country, when Friedrich Merz, will receive a majority at the party Congress”, said Schäuble in an Interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. With Merz as a party leader, it would be easier “to come back to an Integration of political forces to the centre and to stabilize our System.” The political borders would be schäuble’s forecast in accordance with Merz weaker again.

in Particular, the former Finance Minister Merz’s proposals commended for the pension policy. It was, for example, a “reasonable proposal” to participate in addition to the statutory pension insurance to the population at the productive assets, for example shares. In addition, Merz was “a decent guy”. He will give clear concepts for clear signals, have the courage, not only the end of a discussion to be seen, but to make them instead. Merz was “a convinced European, a reliable champion of the Atlantic partnership, and someone who holds the social market economy”.

On the criticism of the wealth of the candidate Schäuble said: “He is professionally successful. Me would be less comfortable if he had no success in the profession.” The Bild am Sonntag had said Merz, he deserve to be “around a Million Euro, gross”. Previously, he had counted for the “upper middle class”. The criticism leveled against Merz’ advance, limiting the individual right to asylum, said Schäuble: Merz has been understood to be “a piece of miss.” This was expressed in the views of European harmonisation, “and since he has not wrong”.

According to Schäuble, the other candidates are also “exceptionally good”. In particular, Jens Spahn acknowledged Schäuble opportunities for the future. “Jens Spahn is one of the outstanding political talents, the CDU has,” he said.

in addition to Schäuble and EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger for Merz said: “I will choose at the party, Friedrich Merz,” said the former Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, the Stuttgarter Zeitung and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

On 7. In December delegates of the CDU to select on your Federal Congress, a new presidency. Schäuble is said to have prepared the candidacy of Ex-Union group chief Merz for some time; he and Merz confirmed to have the subject spoken of. Nevertheless, it was not Schäuble so far, clearly one of the three viewing candidates on the succession of Angela Merkel to the party leadership.

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