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Who is the CDU’s lead in the future 1.001 party members to vote by this Friday; a far-reaching decision, and finally, the winner could be the next Chancellor or the next Chancellor. Who are the people who decide at the party Congress in Hamburg this important question?

basically, can be any CDU member, delegate, or delegates to a party Congress. Applicants must stand in a circle or district party for this office, and then by other members of the party are elected. The regulations differ depending on the country, the Association of the CDU. Sometimes a country party to-day to select delegates. The delegates ‘ mandate is limited to two years. Many CDU members are chosen frequently.

most of The delegates, not ordinary party members, but have, furthermore, certain functions, be it as a Deputy, mayor or Minister or Chairman of a party grouping. This also has to do with the statement of the delegates a lot of competition. You have to be a bit known in the CDU to be in order to have a Chance of being elected. At least a third of the delegates are to be in accordance with the articles of Association of party women. Even if there are in the CDU, not a hard quota was reached, this share last.

Also, each foreign Association of the CDU is allowed to send one delegate. Such only-in-Brussels – so it comes to the odd number of the 1,001 delegates. Like the rest of the 1.000 Delegates to the state associations to be distributed, with the number of party members in the respective country, the ratio of party members and the population thickness as well as the most recent state election result to do. With 296 members of the North Rhine-Westphalian land Association is represented in Hamburg, most. The least number of delegates – five – the land Association of Bremen.

The vast majority of the present delegates were elected before it was clear that in this Congress, the succession of Angela Merkel. We represent four of the Christian Democrats, to decide on the successor to Angela Merkel.

Birte Glißmann Birte Glißmann © private

The current Congress is the third, I’m in. Two years ago I was for the first Time to the delegates to the Federal Congress in elected. It would be so exciting, I could not guess as yet.

I am 25 years old, a law clerk, and live in seester effort, a 900-inhabitant village in the southern state of Schleswig-Holstein, 30 km away from Hamburg. Since a week I am the national Chairman of the young Union in Schleswig-Holstein. As a student of the power of thought was important to me. When classmates talked about justice, I found often, that they speak the truth about egalitarianism. Through friends I came with 16 of the the Union and a year later the CDU occurred.

I haven’t decided yet who I’m going to choose Merkel’s successor. That depends on what happens until then. I expect the or to the Chairperson that she or he is enshrined in the party well. It’s not just about trenchant to represent exposures to the outside, but to take care of, the party. I want someone who is approachable, can relate to the people. In this respect, there is in me a tendency to Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. That she is a woman, this plays no role. The gender doesn’t matter to me.

Jens Spahn makes his Job as a Minister very well. But when it comes to a broad spectrum of opinion in the party map, is the with him difficult. Friedrich Merz, I would like him to stay in politics, even if he is not chosen because it reaches people who have not felt so well in the past addressed. If he were to withdraw after a defeat again, I would be disappointed.

In my decision, I am completely free. There is no default of the national Association, who should we choose, even when our regional Chairman, Daniel Günther makes no secret of the fact that he supports Kramp-Karrenbauer. For the future, I hope especially that the communication between the party leadership and members is better. In terms of content, we need to discuss finally – really finally – the issue of Migration and we need to integrate our economy better again. In times of Grand coalition we need to consider how we can distinguish ourselves from the SPD. I hope that the discussions on the Federal party to take place as openly as now, in the run-up. Then can happen in Hamburg, everything. Many people say that the CDU is discussion tired, that I have not perceived so far at all.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.