The new CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak wants to enforce the abolition of the solidarity surcharge in the coming year in the Grand coalition. “I wish that we, as a CDU for the solos in the Coalition of the SPD with the self-awareness to the table and negotiate,” said the 33-Year-old of the “Rheinische Post”.

It could not be, that in 1991, a temporary levy introduced in the year 2020 will still levied. “With the expiry of the solidarity Pact East the end of 2019, the solos for all of the taxpayers must go”, called for Ziemiak.

Of Soli-abolition of benefit high earners

In the coalition contract of CDU, CSU and SPD have agreed to relieve a free-at-frontier starting in 2021, when Soli 90 percent of the payers in full. Ten billion euros are planned. The solidarity surcharge will be deducted automatically from the salary. In the year 2020, it is expected to raise the Federal government’s 20 billion Euro. Critics argue that of the Soli-abolition, especially high-income earners benefit because low-income earners were already relieved.

The CDU had decided at its party Congress in Hamburg, the solos until the end of 2021 to eliminate it altogether. “For me, as the Secretary General of party Congress decisions are binding, and guidelines of my trading,” said Ziemiak the newspaper.

The former head of the Junge Union, the new CDU-Chairman Annegret Kramp had proposed-karrenbauer as Secretary-General. For their unsuccessful competitors in the struggle for the CDU Chairman Friedrich Merz, wants Ziemiak in his own words, “a visible role for the Union”. Merz himself had made it clear that he trusts a Minister. To Ziemiak said: “Over the Cabinet, the Chancellor decides.”


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