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The withdrawal of Angela Merkel as party Chairman and of the victory of Annegret Kramp-read-Karrenbauer about Friedrich Merz in the succession struggle, probably the most important domestic political event of this year. The consequences are varied and far-reaching.

1. A touch of matriarchy
went for the First time in German post-war period, maybe even for the first time in the history of ever so large a chunk of Power from a woman to another woman. The attempt to end the 18-year-long Phase of female dominance in political style and in the Habitus, or even revise, failed at the end. Friedrich Merz tried it with the traditional method of medium omniscience and experienced Edginess, Jens Spahn with a fresh Champ viscosity, oops-now-come-I-style. Oops now comes later. In the Depths of the Patriarchal 20. Century and the air-conditioned boardrooms of the financial world trained manhood comes, in turn, perhaps, at least, not in politics, not in Germany.

The change of power from woman to woman does not mean, however, that a Revision was blocked, but he continued also in the way of standards. Merkel gives the Power in a completely different way than their predecessors in the highest party and state offices. No trace of the self-pathetisierung, the Larmoyanz, the revenge needs to be known of Helmut Schmidt, Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder. Instead, Merkel gave a speech (almost) without any tips, be disciplined, they did not relinquish it on any open support to their favourite Kramp-karrenbauer – Kramp-harm karrenbauer. Wolfgang Schäuble does not open, on the other hand, was this discipline once more, he supported Merz, and carried the suspicion that there is a double revenge could have come together, and Merz. This is too Little discipline and too Much revenge in the case of Schäuble explains, perhaps, why he was never Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Either way it marks a difference between female and male policy.

2. Right drift for the time being,
stopped at the Latest since the new year’s eve 2015/16 drifted the country, drawn from the migration issue, more and more to the right. Until the crashing failure of the CSU to fight the AfD with AfD subjects and AfD rhetoric, has stopped this fatal perpetuum mobile in this summer. With Merz’s candidacy a little more civilized again edition threatened of this experiment. The media, too, right in the middle rejoiced again that the issues of Migration and the fight against the AfD would return to the centre of the Public, when in the autumn of a sudden the ecology subject of so much attention. According to the CDU party conference a Chance that the Republic of prioritized their problems according to size and not according to excitation potential.

3. A riser was the
parties and the General Public often overestimate the sustainability of intra-party election fights with a lot of base participation. One praises the vibrancy of the democracy, the Fairness of candidates and so on. Which is also true in this case. However, the CDU came in these weeks, the content of no progress, Merz remained überscharf in Yesterday, AKK out of focus in the Now. As before, the party has not understood even that digitalization and Ecology are just some of the topics which are in addition to the already well-known political problems, but the forms of politics and democracy in the 21st century. Century. At least on a trial basis, the parties, all the last remaining people’s party would have to think all the policy of these two great human developments. Only then could you escape from the hell of futility, for several years, are trapped because you the 21. Century with the instruments of the 20th century. to cope try.

such A departure is not, even under the new Chairman. Therefore, Kramp-karrenbauer seduced, the now rather frustrated, and applied to the conservative wing of the Union, with the conservative Lip-service and to integrate with Table fireworks. As long as there is to the front, nothing Real, Fascinating, Large, each possible in Reverse.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.