Friedrich Merz has called for a debate on the German individual right to asylum. Germany is the only country in the world, in which there is this, he said at the CDU regional conference in Thuringian Seebach. You need to talk about whether this right could continue to exist. “We have to at some point cause a big public debate about whether to write a legal Title to the basic law.” The point in the asylum law, in his view, something that is difficult for a European solution on the issue of Migration.

The German constitutional right to asylum is granted under certain conditions, each politically a court Pursued contractually enforceable claim to asylum. Opponents of this Right of challenge instead of an individual legal claim, only the state mandatory warranty to enable, in principle, asylum. In this case, the state, the immigration itself.

The former Union leader also requested a clarification that the UN-migration Pact, no new reasons for Asylum. This must be made clear in “an appropriate manner”, he said, and proposed a Protocol Declaration of the Federal government, or a resolution of the Bundestag. For example, the climate should not apply to the change as a political persecution and therefore grounds for Asylum. “These are things that we can’t accept in Germany by the back door.”

CDU General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer handle on the regional conference, the housing policy of the coalition partner SPD and, to solve the housing shortage in a market economy. It flat hold owners and owners to rent their apartment privately, if, for example, the application of own use “would be almost impossible”, as it is in the SPD will be discussed. “We have already solved time housing shortage according to, after the Second world war,” said Kramp-Karrenbauer. “As it was with the means of the social market economy, we should remember today.”

the other two candidates for the CDU chairmanship, to examine the requirements for housing, so this would not be unnecessarily expensive. Merz said he could imagine a tax on C, with fallow land, particularly in inner cities and less speculation. It would be better to support citizens to self-build, as the state will build and then decide who moves in. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn said, to build as much as possible, it is necessary to rely on innovations such as prefabricated components and the planning legislation.

the regional conference, the three most promising candidate for the CDU presidency as successor to Angela Merkel. The conference in Seebach is the first of the three candidates in one East German Federal state.

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