The resurgence of the new COVID-19 coronavirus in South Korea prompts concerns across the country after it started at nightclubs in Itaewon, downtown Seoul. As a result, entertainers and celebrities who visited the area come under fire like actress Lee Min-jung, L, and BTS member Jungkook. But Lee denied the reports that he partied in Itaewon. Photo courtesy of Lee Min-jung, Big Hit Entertainment

BTS Jungkook, Lee Min-jung, Son Yon-gae make statements

As the number of new COVID-19 cases in South Korea shows signs of rebounding, those who fail to keep the government guidelines on social distancing comes under fire.

Top entertainers and celebrities are no exception, as shown by actress Lee Min-jung, Asian Games gold medalist Son Yeon-jae, and K-pop group BTS member Jungkook.

There were reports that Lee and Son partied in Itaewon in downtown Seoul, the area that surfaced as the epicenter of a recent cluster infection, without wearing masks on May 9.

Lee’s agency came up with a press release Wednesday to apologize for causing concern. But the actress denied the reports by claiming that she briefly visited a birthday event of her acquaintance at a cafe in southern Seoul, not Itaewon.

Son’s agency also said that she had stayed at the birthday event just half an hour and took off her mask only when she took a picture and delivered a gift.

Her leading roles in many movies have earned Lee widespread recognition here. Son is a retired rhythmic gymnast, who won a gold medal in the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea’s Incheon.

Earlier this month, BTS member Jungkook also expressed his regrets for his outing at Itaewon on April 25.

Big Hit Entertainment, the management company for BTS, admitted that Jungkook spent a night out in Itaewon with three other idol group members of his age.

The Seoul-based label made an apology for his failure to recognize the significance of social distancing. It added that Jungkook voluntarily received a test for COVID-19, and the result was negative.

BTS is a seven-member vocal group, which is presently regarded as the world’s largest boy band.

The number of COVID-19 cases decreased to a single digit in late April, but the figure recently went up after a patient with the virus visited clubs in Itaewon in early May.


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