make calls From the deck chair to the Deck, finally a couple of long-promised return. In the cabin before falling Asleep afloat a few more Videos on WhatsApp watch, send photos, or even a bit of surfing the Internet. With the mainland world to stay connected, while to swing, even on the high seas for cruise passengers which can be a pretty expensive pleasure.

The Stiftung Warentest compares in the current issue of the “financial test,” what is mobile communications costs on Board for the network operators Telefónica, Telekom and Vodafone, and what – in the seven days at sea in European waters, packages for calling, Chatting and Surfing at the cruise company, Aida Cruises, Costa Crociere, MSC cruises and TUI Cruises cost.

Tax it remains one way or the other: Nevertheless, consumer advocates have come to the conclusion that in many cases it is cheaper to book a data or mobile communications package to the cruise provider.

In the case of the network operators can be Surfing, especially the very expensive . The prices per MB are – depending on the provider – between 19,80 and 25 Euro. In the case of the cruise company whose ship are connected to their own mobile networks, a satellite network, the cost of 3-MB- Internet packages between 55,50 (TUI Cruises) and up to 109 Euro (Costa). Cheaper drives, if you book only Social Media applications . Here are the rates for seven days between 19 (Costa) and 29 Euro (TUI Cruises).

An advantage that consumer advocates see in the packages of the cruise business: The costs have to be calculated for the passengers easier.

Five tips to keep the Mobile charges on the high seas in the handle

In addition, the “financial test”-experts who have dealt with insurance companies and the right to travel for cruise passengers, to provide recommendations on what you should when making phone Calls and Surfing:

Prior to departure, passengers should inform the ferry company about the cost of telephony and Internet use. unlike on Land, the EU-Roaming-regulation, or special travel packages, the mobile operator out there on the water apply . Make sure that when you go on Board on text messages, the enlighten costs to be incurred. Set in the settings of their mobile devices from “Automatic network selection” to “Manual” in order to land – so you avoid automatically in the strong, but also expensive on-Board network. The ship is in port or on land, you can see which networks are active. Depending on where you are, you can now take advantage of even the free EU Roaming. One more important setting: Activate – as soon as you Board the flight mode or turn “Mobile data” and “Wi-Fi”. So can’t update Apps or the operating system automatically. You don’t want to log out of online completely, you should disable it under “settings”, at least the Updates for operating systems, applications, and automatic synchronization with network services. Mail volume of data is to retrieve the a, attached photos, and great file trailer the other download. Wait for larger Downloads to Wi-Fi Café while the country loss or on access to the EU Roaming . On the water, you can set the automatic E-Mail retrieval so that the electronic Mail is loaded without images, and large file attachments. The mobile phone bill you after the trip inexplicably high, you can make a claim to the eight weeks . To challenge the provider, an itemized and a technical test report. A contradiction is possible, if the provider is in breach of its duty of information. On lift, for purposes of proof, all incoming SMS messages.


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