“is achieved Only if women and men can really decide where you want to put the priorities in your life, without sacrificing work or family or social commitment, the goal”: the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), has demanded during a ceremony in the Parliament to 100 years of women’s suffrage, a more equitable distribution of family work between the sexes.

It was probably inevitable realization, “that we must divide our society and indispensable activities to be performed on even today, mostly by women, unpaid, in a different way: child-rearing, housework, care”, said Schäuble. The men need to be reminded of this fact, “occasionally with vigour”.

First choice at 19. January 1919

Schäuble was at the same time, dissatisfied with the political participation of women in Germany. There is gender equality still had work to do – “not the least in politics and Parliament”. Schäuble pointed to the recent decline in the proportion of women in the Bundestag, “their below-average participation in all parties, which is much too small a number of Mayors, and the country of councils”. Although there is a Chancellor, and for more women in top positions, but: “One swallow does not make a summer.”

“The equality of men and women is a unaufgebbarer principle of our Constitution,” said Schäuble. This would have to all want to accept, “the part of this society” – even those who claim “cultural or religious reasons is foreign”.

The active and passive right to vote for women in Germany was on may 12. November 1918 was proclaimed. The first election in which women vote and to be elected to the Weimar national Assembly on 19. January 1919.

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