Shown above is the digital platform for foreign patients developed by CHA Biotech. The platform was recognized as the best one by the Korean government. Photo courtesy of CHA Biotech

Top-of-the-line ICT infrastructure for Mongolian patients

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) announced on Feb. 2 that it had picked CHA Biotech as the best outfit to treat foreign patients based on ICT infrastructure.

Since last April, Cha Biotech and CHA Medical Center have operated a platform of giving consulting and post-treatment services for female Mongolian patients.

The former established the dedicated platform, while the latter took charge of cooperating with Mongolian hospitals as well as PR and marketing programs.

Based on the platform, foreign patients can receive treatments from CHA Medical Center doctors.

CHA Biotech and Cha Medical Center also check demands for female diseases in Mongolia through the platform, according to the Korean medical giant.

The KHIDI noted that the two CHA entities would continue to work on the ICT platform supported by the government funds because they chalked up good marks last year.

“We strive to expand the scope of our new platform to all the female diseases as well as tapping into other countries, including the United States and Southeast Asian nations,” a CHA Biotech official said.

“We will come up with various digital healthcare platforms on the back of such cutting-edge technologies as artificial intelligence and big data.”