The country of Chad

Chad is the least-researched country in the Sahara, the first expedition reports in the 19th century. Century mostly by German explorers. Germany is next to France (until 1960, colonial also as the only EU-country) Embassy in the capital, N’djamena – therefore, the part travel warning of the foreign office for the Chad (border regions) is based on-the-spot information.

Yet for 2019 travel bookings, the lead in the North-East of Chad with the world heritage site, Ennedi sites-massive and Ounianga lakes (Bedu expeditions). Diamir adventure travel offers tours in the Tibesti, the highest mountains in the Sahara, as well as in the Zakouma national Park.

Chad has a North-South distance of 1750 kilometers, and extends from the Sahara through the Sahel to the Savannah. Three vegetation zones, which also define the protected area of Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim in the centre of the country, with around 80,000 square kilometers, it is almost as large as Austria.

The lakes

A cool bath in the Sahara? For the in the North-East of Chad living as a nomad is not a Problem. Equal to 16 lakes to choose from – large and small, shallow and deep (up to 26 meters), freshwater lakes and saline waters.

Only one thing is common to all: The water temperature will barely rise above 17 degrees Celsius. There are several reasons for this: the 20 square kilometers of feeds extending in the lakes of Ounianga of huge ground water deposits, large parts of the lakes are covered by floating reed forests, “in addition, Wind and evaporation for cooling at the surface” (Stefan Kröpelin, of the University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany).

The wild dog

The Chad basin is a retreat of the African wild dog. He does not resemble hyenas, but as this is a strictly hierarchical, but a democratic social behavior. The claim scientists in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B”.

Therefore, dogs speak, wild with a kind of Sneeze, if you want to hunt. No “ahchoo comes from the alpha animal”, it can be used by the majority overruled. The Sneeze was like a “choice system,” according to the researchers.

The Airline

Two Bombardier Q400 machines belong to the fleet of the Tchadia Airlines, the on 1. October 2018 went to the Start. Thus, Chad has been deprived of a national airline (the Toumaï Air Tchad 2012 for security reasons, the license).

Tchadia Airlines connects the five main cities of the country: N’djamena, Moundou, Abeche, Srah, Faya; international goals will follow. To date, Ethiopian offers the Airlines (it is involved in the Tchadia Airlines to 49 per cent) daily flights from Frankfurt via Addis Ababa to Chad.

The Rainmaker

Four chicken feathers, a gourd – this is a rain-maker from the people of the Hadjerai takes to the rainy season to predict. Rain-makers of other ethnic groups (there are 200 in Chad) could also cause rain clouds, from which rain event, assured the Africa expert, Al Imfeld, 1995, in his travel memories.

The volcano

Some of the thermal sources bear witness to the volcanic character of the Emi Koussi in the Tibesti. The last major outbreak, in front of tens of thousands of years, two calderas (13 km diameter) and deep crater, in which bicarbonate of soda was formed.

This mineral due to best self-Tubu nomads accompany regularly the Emi Koussi, 3415 meters the highest mountain of the Sahara; camels. Thanks to the beasts of burden of the climb is also for tourists is feasible.

traveling Still a year, just a dozen foreigners for Emi Koussi. Because only the first 1000 kilometers from N’djamena, from passable, then continue on foot, for ten days.

The quote

“Chad, oasis of the Sahel”

With this slogan on the shirts of FC Metz, the African country, advertised in 2016, with French tourists – citizens of the former colonial power. But not because the criticism was sparked in Chad, but to the twelve million euros, the high costs of advertising. The contract is now dissolved.

stone arch

122 meters in height and 76 meters wingspan is the Aloba Arch in the North-East of Chad is the largest archway of the Sahara. He is part of the Ennedi massif, bizarre rock formations, extending over 40,000 square kilometers.

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