Uefa has denied a report in the “Sport Bild” about a possible move of the game days. According to the article, there should be plans for Champions League games in the future, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, but on weekends. “Uefa and its President have never spoken about it,” said the Europe Union.

The Uefa criticized the publication: “media reports suggests, are completely unfounded, and we would hope that some of the media would check the accuracy of your information before you publish such stories.”

According to “Sport Bild” had hoped for the Uefa better yields. Games on Saturday and Sunday would be much to attract more viewers in front of the TV than during the week. The plans relate to the period after 2024. According to Uefa President Aleksander Ceferin two groups of experts would be working on a Reform of the king class, a decision could perhaps fall 2019.

The “Sport Bild” reported that, according to the alleged Plan, the national leagues would be the losers, because they would then have to be during the week, in or out play. “If you want to opt for more international football, that should of course go hand-in-hand with a reduction of games in the domestic leagues,” said Andrea Agnelli, the head of Europe’s club Association (ECA).


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