China wants to catch up to 2030 to the leading space powers, Russia and the United States. This should be started in the coming year with the construction of its own manned space station – and already in just a few days, the probe should set up “Chang’e 4” on the far side of the moon.

As the Chinese state broadcaster CGTN reported, has been brought after the Chinese moon goddess named space ship on Sunday in a corresponding Orbit around the moon. From there, the landing maneuver is to be initiated, according to the report, for the 3. January is expected.

space probe launched in the beginning of December of the earth

As a country of course the state media had previously been to the Aitken crater, and called, and named in 1970 after the American astronomer Robert Grant Aitken. After the arrival of a Packed robot vehicle is to be measured, among other things, the lunar terrain, the mineral structure of the earth’s natural satellite to determine, as well as the neutron radiation to investigate.

a number of probes of different space Nations and twelve American astronauts landed on the front of the moon. The country attempts by the Chinese on the back is a Premiere. “Chang’e 4” was on 8. December, up from the ground and reached, according to state television on 12. December, the moon’s orbit.


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