it’s Never been as easy as the turn of this year, a few out of Thousands of euros. Not even the good intentions you need, because the coalition government has implemented a number of projects, which are quasi-worries alone for more money in your household budget.

The most important advantage is the Change of the allocation of health insurance costs . Because in the future, the employer and the pension Fund really have to pay back half, profieren most of the 56 million members of health insurance companies. At 3000 Euro gross salary additional contribution to 180 Euro in the family budget to stay for a year at one percent. And it is not yet taken into account, that you can also change the health insurance. The best funds will take 1.2 per cent less than the most expensive. Click here are again nearly 220 Euro of the year.

The most independent will benefit, and who earn very little money. The legislature has changed the rules for their contribution to the health insurance company , with the result that a self-employed 1000 Euro profit in the month paid only half as much for health insurance as before. From 2500 euros profit, everything remains for the self-employed.

also Useful is the reduction of the contribution for unemployment insurance is in the next year . The same Share of the employer and the employee-paid contribution rate is reduced from 3 to 2.5 percent of salary. For the average earner with a 3000 Euro 7,50 Euro Savings in the month of fall here, 90 Euro in the year. Just as much the employer saves. For most workers, this is about as much as you need to pay for the care Fund in 2019. Here, the contribution of 2.55 per cent, rising to 3.05 percent. The compensates.

parents can also look forward to the fact that in mid-2019 will increase the kids money to 10 EUR per child. This makes the end of the year 2019 then 60 euros more per child. In addition, the children is on the increase in the personal income tax exemption amount in 2019 for both parents parts together to 192 Euro. may earn parents 7620 Euro per child per year, without paying taxes.

income-tax basic personal amount rises to 168 on 9168 Euro. In addition, you may earn a bit more, without the tax rate increases, the inflation rate of 1.84 percent is taken into account. That should help the vast majority of employees to more net from the gross.

In July 2019, the pension will be increased noticeably. Since the pension increases of the wage development is dependent, and the wages have recently risen sharply, are three to four percent gross. But anyone who has a lot of retirement, will lose a part of the increase, because he has to pay taxes.

Nothing of all the state of clay have poor families and poor pensioners. Who refers to the basic pension or Hartz IV, you will find that all are charged from the pension and children increases money with the other social services. The purse remains as empty as before. Most helps households with little money, perhaps, that the minimum wage starting from 1. January rises to 9,19 euros , in the beginning of 2020, it will rise then 9,35 Euro.

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More money due to the above-mentioned state reforms so automatically. The Individual must do nothing for it. Quite simply, you can do something for the household budget. As every year, there are three main issues you should take care of:

Lower the energy , i.e. for electricity, heating and Fuel. The process is pretty easy, pretty fast, and saves in a few hours, hundreds, if not thousands of euros .

you can Keep the cost of mobile and Telecom in the handle. In particular, if a (further) child in the household have a cell phone. The cheapest phone rates save compared to more expensive Offerings often 20 Euro in the month of . 240 Euro per year.

Save yourself account fees . Since two months a new law: The Bank must provide you with a once in a year, all the costs of your account completely together. The first will get this Overview with the account statements for 2018 (unfortunately, with all costs since the introduction of the law at the end of October). So that you can finally recognize clearly how the many small Items and fees läppern. Is reported, and how many are coming for the MRP interest on top of it. 150 euros per year for the account plus a hundred bucks for every thousand euros in the MRP are common. A majority of these costs you can avoid with a change.

And now I wish you a wonderful year 2019!

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