The top-money laundering fighters in Germany have edited according to information from several of the most urgent cases so slowly that critical deadlines could not be met. The Federal Ministry of Finance grants to, for the first time.

from a Letter to the Finance Committee of the Bundestag, initiated by the employees of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in three cases of suspicious transaction reports received from banks, so late to the local police that the suspect Transfers could not be stopped.

in other words, two cases from the Thuringia region and a process that relates to the state of Hesse. It was “regrettable”, – stated in the Letter from the Finance Department. “I would ask, however, the high number of investigating Allegations and to take into account the for all Involved, a difficult start-up conditions after the relocation and realignment of the FIU,” writes the responsible Secretary of state. In the meantime, arrangements had been made so that such mistakes could not be repeated.

defects and failures, on twelve pages

lists The FIU was transferred in the summer of 2017 against the concerns of many experts from the Federal criminal police office (BKA) to the inch. The troop was overwhelmed then, with your task from the very first Moment. Within a very short time, tens of thousands of references to suspicious transactions, which had, in particular, banks were bunched up at the customs in Cologne, Germany. All financial institutions in Germany are obliged to report suspicious account movements.

At this Point Suspected terrorist financing, such as the MIRROR and the Bavarian radio found. The tariff language at the time of the “unforeseen Dysfunctions”, in the process, they were not unforeseen. Experts had warned of these problems.

“Now, the Federal government recognises that the money laundering special authority has not adhered to the laws,” says the FDP’s financial expert Markus Herbrand, urged the Ministry of Finance again and again to the enlightenment, and information on errors. “That comes much too late. The funds, in connection with money laundering and terrorist financing, and are unmolested by the state is long gone.”

“Significant risk to the internal security”

There is, in addition, far more signs of failures of the FIU, Herbrand. What was previously known, was “only the tip of the iceberg”. The Ministry of Finance had claimed 2018 to Herbrand yet, there had been no case in which so-slowly worked had been that “possible incriminating funds” could not have been stopped.

Internal documents from the FIU and the police, however, according to SPIEGEL information, how disastrous the Situation of the FIU is since a long time. So the BKA has compiled in a report, the experiences of all the land offices of criminal investigation with the FIU. The country authorities for the investigation of the suspected cases, which classifies FIU as a relevant and forwards it. The document, in the autumn, lists twelve pages of deficiencies and omissions of the customs unit.

so, the reports of the FIU, the police and prosecutors are often incomplete, flawed, and overall, useless. “Content analysis of property, plant behavior, and turnover are hardly available,” reads the paper. In addition, a negative period is not or only with considerable delay shall be transmitted to cases. The nationwide survey among the authorities relied on by the scathing criticism, which was to become in 2018 from the Thuringian state office of criminal investigation, according to. At the time, it was said, from the Chaos of the FIU grew up “a significant risk to internal security”.

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