At first glance, you could keep the bike couriers of Chargery for the pizza guy. However, the Start-up from Berlin, delivered in mid-neither Pizza nor Pasta or Sushi. But electricity for electric vehicles. Just joined Christian for a BMW i3 on his bike trailer.

The vehicle looks like a giant refrigerator, but it is a mobile charging station for E-cars. Inside the trailer, so-called 18650 cells, which are otherwise used in E-Bikes.

For the charging of E-cars Chargery takes the same twelve cells at once, which brings about 20 kilowatt-hours of capacity. “For a BMW i3, that’s enough,” says Christian Long, co-founder and managing Director of Chargery.

power with the bike deliver, that sounds like an absurd idea. In fact, Chargery, with the help of the electric mobility in the capital. The Berlin Senate has committed itself to expand the metropolis, a model city for eco-friendly mobility.

electric cars do you see on the streets more often, which can also slow Expansion of a nationwide network, with charging stations Yet. Approximately 650 stations in the city accessible to the public, by 2019, the Senate wants to increase the number to 1600. Whether this ambitious target can be achieved, is questionable.

With its mobile charging stations Chargery stuffs, at least a part of the supply gaps. In a radius of three to five kilometres, an electric car with a dead battery, fan out a with fresh batteries stocked bike courier, to the car again to the rim.

The charging station is located in the Bicycle trailer. The energy Chargery of an energy company, the guarantees of sustainably produced Eco-power.

If you visit the office of Chargery, I say to you, how to work in an atmosphere like this at all and can focus. A high-pitched and penetrantes hum fills the rooms. This comes from the dozens of batteries that are recharged with a new juice, around the clock.

“I got The idea after reading a technology newsletter,” says managing Director, Christian Lang. A post about a delivery for petrol in England. That struck him as pointless. A car refuelling takes only a few minutes.

“a Few days before I am but an electric car with a short-range threats. From my apartment to the next charging station was a 15-minute walk away. And every day in the morning and in the evening, then, has annoyed run. I thought: For E-cars that would be super.“

The 31-Year-old studied business administration. The office in Berlin-Mitte, which is a good prerequisite for the creation of Start-ups. The district was long regarded as the nucleus of the German Start-up scene.

Nerds, and Creative are to be found here still in droves, for example, in the “St. Oberholz” at Rosenthaler Platz. The Café, where all hard in front of their laptops, sit and, hopefully, innovative ideas incubation, it was as something of the heart of the digital Boheme is famous for.

Seven mobile charging stations are in use

The office of Chargery is only a couple of streets. “You want a drink?”, asks Bart, an employee with a hip moustache, and peeped out briefly from behind his Notebook. “We have beer here.”

For the construction of complex charging technology it needed for Chargery also craftsmen such as Paul Stuke. The PhD in mechanical engineering, is in the case of the company, the man for the job. All mobile charging stations are building, the young entrepreneurs themselves. The battery cells come from Green Pack, a Start-up in the field of electric mobility.

The biggest challenge is to enable a fast charging of electric vehicles from the mobile charging stations. For the development of Hardware was necessary, which is clearly costly and risky to launch than any App.

Four hours it currently takes, up a E-car is charged with green power from the bike trailer again. Soon will follow a new Generation of significantly fixeren charging stations that you have worked out with Chargery. Thus, the Recharging will reduce the cycle to less than an hour, says a machine Builder, Paul Stuke.

Seven mobile charging stations and 150 battery are currently at the Chargery. Pro Bicycle trailer daily three-to-four-E can be powered cars. With the new Generation of chargers, but this number could be increased significantly.

With the car-sharing provider DriveNow has won Chargery already a prominent large customers. For almost a year, the bike shop, the vehicles of the Carsharing provider on couriers every day with a new juice from renewable energy sources. In addition, the Berliner with some car manufacturers in an interview, the potential to explore a cooperation.

And why the Whole thing by bike? The have two simple and important reasons, explains co-founder Christian Long: “first of all, the bike is in cities such as Berlin, the fastest means of locomotion,” says the 31-Year-old, who owns no car of his own.

In Berlin reach out to him Bike and car sharing, in order to be mobile. “We want to bring the energy emissions of the respective electric vehicle.” Sounds like a clean thing.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.