don’t feel like cooking on high Rent, own, or wash clothes? Why not for the parents to stay, if you go to College? According to a study by the centre for higher education development (CHE), you’ll be more and more students with their parents.

Thus, around a quarter of students (25.2 percent) lives in the parental home. In 2003, the proportion was 22.4 percent. However, there are large differences as regards the regions and subjects. So student life is most common in the cities of Bruhl and Wetzlar with their parents. There, more than two-thirds.

The three places with the highest proportion living with their parents of the students, so Brühl, Wetzlar, and nine churches, have in common that you can study there for mainly economic as well as engineering subjects. Accordingly, scientists and engineers studying in smaller cities to dwell particularly fond of and her parents seem to be economic.

By whom are the study dates? The centre for higher education development (CHE) has implemented the study. For questionnaires of approximately 133,000 students were evaluated. Which students were surveyed? It is students in courses of study at universities and colleges out of the nearly 40 subjects, comprehensive range of subjects in the CHE University rankings. Students were surveyed from 3. Semester to 7. Semester. The time period from which the data originate? The information provided by the students for the year 2003 come from the student survey in the winter semester 2001/02, winter semester 2002/03, for the year 2018 of the winter semester 2016/17, as well as the winter semester 2017/18.

in addition, young people in residential living, more and more communities. In the past 15 years, the share of 21.9 per cent, increased to 30.8 percent.

At the same time, fewer and fewer students can afford a home of their own. The were in the year 2003, 35.8%, decreased the share to 26.9 percent.

Student Housing compared over Time

form of 2003, share ( % ), 2018, the proportion ( % ) of the parents 22,4 25,2 Private 35,8 26,9 residential home 14,7 13,9 WG 21,9 30,8 condo 2,9 1,7 sublease 2,2 1,5 numbers 60.253 72.503

source: not-for-profit centre for higher education development,

In places such as Riedlingen (Baden-Württemberg), Neubrandenburg and Oestrich-Winkel (Hessen), you’ll be students, however, particularly often in their own homes – and more than half.

the distance from the University location plays in the decision-making, where students want to live, a role. Only eight percent of all students live in the city even with their parents. For this, 41 percent live in a WG.

the residence Is located up to 50 kilometers from the city far, it already looks different. In this case, around two-thirds of all respondents live with their parents and only one in ten opt for a residential community.

Where the majority of students living with one’s parents

location number of inhabitants In the parents (%) number of cases Brühl 44.768 67,9 143 Wetzlar 51.649 66,7 78 nine churches 46.369 64,4 51 willow 42.055 64,3 134 Minden 81.598 58,0 60 Saarbrücken 178.151 58,0 1014 Aschaffenburg 68.986 to 57.6 181 Bad Homburg 53.244 57,1 152 Meschede 30.119 then 56,5 92 Ansbach 41.159 54,2 211

source: not-for-profit centre for higher education development,

That more and more students with parents or in WGs life, could be due to the tight housing market. For years, Rents are rising, especially in big cities, at the same time, there are more and more people choose after graduation, for a course of study. Currently, nearly 2.9 million students are enrolled at the universities in Germany.

According to the CHE-study, the age of the students of 22.1 years (in 2003) has fallen to 19.7 years (2018). This could also be a reason why students are more willing, with their parents.


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