Many regional governments and companies turn to cheese again. Shown above is the poster of Paris Baguette’s cheese fair for this autumn. Photo courtesy of Paris Baguette

Imsil County, SPC hold cheese-relative events in October

In the past, people could wear a smile by just saying “cheese.” But the happy face has been blocked over the past two years due to the virus pandemic, which urged people to wear facial masks.

As the fully vaccinated rate topped 70 percent on Oct. 15 in South Korea, the government thinks of easing some regulations in the coming months.

In other words, folks would be able to watch a smile on people’s mask-less faces once again sooner or later. And now it’s high time again to say “cheese” on the street.

The atmosphere is prompting regional governments like Imsil County and such corporations as SPC to turn to cheese-related events once again.

Imsil County, some 22 kilometers south of Seoul, said early this month that the country had decorated its cheese theme park with flowers to invite visitors to the famous tourist attraction.

Imsil is highly expected to hold the offline festival next year as the social-distancing regulations are set to ease.

Paris Baguette, the country’s foremost bakery brand run by SPC, is hosting its Cheese Fair 2021 with the slogan “Melting Cheese” in time with the autumn.

The Seoul-based brand said that it would offer a range of bread and cakes made with cheese together with signature bestsellers and new treats.

“The cheese fair has been one of our representative events thanks to its high popularity,” a Paris Baguette official said. “We will continue to offer tastes made by both bread and cheese to our customers.”