Every year, the death of 1.7 million babies, a UN could be prevented-according to the study, with the right medical care. In addition, in the case of hundreds of thousands of babies even life-long complications could be prevented, reported, the world health organization (WHO), the United Nations children’s Fund, Unicef and other aid organisations on Thursday in Geneva.

Just premature babies can often be with simple means, saved the lives of. The

module searches for hygienic care of the umbilical cord treatment in the case of yellow diarrhea and other infections temporary supply of oxygen.

Only a few months ago, Unicef had reported that in the year 2017 5.4 million children experience their fifth birthday. Were added in the year, almost a Million deaths of girls and boys between five and 15 years. “This is an average of one death every five seconds,” said Unicef. The supply, however, was years ago, yet much worse: In 1990, 12.6 million children died worldwide.

To the in-patient treatment for sick or premature babies to develop, by 2025, annually about 960 million dollars (845 million euros), says the current report. “When it comes to babies and their mothers, you can make the right care at the right time in the right place at the decisive difference,” said the Deputy Executive Director of Unicef, Omar Abdi.

Where goes children well and particularly poorly? Save the Children International Report: The deprived Childhood

About 98 percent of affected babies die in countries with low and middle incomes, especially in South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara. Governments and humanitarian organisations would have to ensure that every person and every newborn could be treated in Not stationary, so the organisations. Your action plan provides for, among other things, that 75 percent of all newborn babies with suspected serious infections until 2025 to get the necessary antibiotics.

The world community has set itself the goal to secure up to the year 2030, the Survival of newborns and young children worldwide. Although the reduction of child mortality according to the UN children’s Fund, Unicef continues to follow a positive Trend, progress is clearly too slow.


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