Mirjam Pressler was one of the most successful German children and youth book authors. She also wrote for adults, and translated more than 300 books into German. On Wednesday, she died after a serious illness in Landshut, Germany. She was 78 years old.

youth novels, such as “bitter chocolate”, “November cats” or the story collection, “Who doesn’t dare is a coward,” not back difficult situations to the centre, easy solutions here. Nevertheless, a hope that seems to be at the end.

it is Often in their works to the Holocaust, for example, in the 2001 novel “Malka Mai”, which depicts the struggle for Survival of a seven-year-old girl. Mirjam Pressler was himself the illegitimate child of a Jewish mother, and grew up in a foster family.

he studied painting and languages in Frankfurt am Main and in Munich. Some of the time you spent in a kibbutz in Israel. In Munich, she was a taxi driver and a saleswoman before she ended up in 1980 with her debut Novel “bitter chocolate” is about a girl with bulimia, her first big success.

Mirjam Pressler translated novels by Zeruya Shalev, or Amos Oz, the diaries of Anne Frank had been transferred from Dutch to German.

For her Manage Pressler has received numerous awards. Shortly before Christmas they had in their home town Landshut, Germany the Great Federal cross of merit, in recognition of their outstanding commitment to international understanding, in particular between Israel and Germany, as well as the memory of national socialist injustice.

her last novel, “Dark Gold” is released in March.


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