the victims of The previous sections settlement Colonia Dignidad in Chile should be financially compensated. In the coming year concrete and direct “benefits in the amount of one Million Euro are provided”. The funds were incorporated by the budget Committee in the night of Friday in the template of the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD).

Colonia Dignidad in 1961 was of the from Germany who had fled the former Wehrmacht corporal, and a lay preacher Paul Schäfer founded. On the plant, about 350 kilometers South of the capital, Santiago, promised the from a free-Church environment, the root end of the shepherd to his followers a “Christian life in the Promised Land”. In fact, Schaefer has led a dictatorial Regime, and the sections sealed off members from the outside world.

included in the freedom of crime, among other things, deprivation, forced labour, and slavery, child abuse, assault, torture, and the administration of psychotropic drugs without medical indication. During the military dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet until 1990, hundreds of opponents of the regime were tortured in Colonia Dignidad by the Chilean secret service, raped, and many people murdered.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had agreed in October with the Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, during his visit in Berlin, a reappraisal of the operations. In Germany, a joint Commission of representatives of the Chancellery and several ministries, as well as eight members of Parliament was used.

The now in favor of the victim of the planned resources were provided in the Federal budget for the time being, with a lock on it until the Commission has agreed on a concept for a relief Fund. This should be available by next summer.

“An important step”

“It’s slow”, but now “things on the way”, said the Green party politician Renate Künast. The governments of Germany and Chile were also on a good path, “to come to the invitation to tender for a memorial and documentation center in Chile, on – the-spot”. These are “important steps to German history, also in inglorious parts, work up”.

The CDU-Bundestag member Michael Brand said, the victims of Colonia Dignidad had been ignored for too long. The decision in favour of the funds for the relief Fund was “an important step, because the victims of forced labour, torture and abuse are in need of concrete support”. Brand pointed out that even in November and December, two consultations with victims ‘ associations and experts in Berlin to be recognized.

2016 Union, the SPD and the greens in the Bundestag called upon the Federal government to take measures to the criminal justice pursue legal investigations in Germany and in Chile. Also, they called for psycho-social support services for the victims of the “colony of Dignity”, the construction of a Congress and memorial, as well as auxiliary services. In a concept presented by the Federal government in June, have been ruled out individual payments. This had caused many of the members of Parliament for outrage.

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